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Cats and Kids

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Quick question. For those of you with young kids and cats.

Do your cats swat at your kids when they are screaming?

When my one year old is crying or screaming trying to get attention, Lola will sometimes swat the one year olds butt, with claw retracted. Not sure why she does it but she does.
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My RB kitty Mo was, to put it nicely, a cranky old butthead. He thought nothing of swatting the heck out of DH or me or our other cat Jack. Retract his claws? Heck no. I have many Mo scars.

He never, ever swatted DS. We had Mo first and he instinctively knew that DS was a baby and therefore off limits. In fact, as DS got older (Mo died when DS was 11 and Mo was 17), Mo became my son's cat totally and completely.
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She is scolding, just like she'd do with a kitten
She recognizes their place in the family and is trying to teach a few social graces.

No, I do not have kids, but I was raised by a rather intelligent Siamese, and she always treated me the very same way she treated her own kittens.
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No, I've never seen my cats swat at my kids that way. The cats do swat at each other that way though, usually when they are annoyed with the other cat. Maybe Lola is trying to say, "Hey, kid, quiet already!"
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Lucky hasn't but my dog Sophie, think that after I give the kids a talkin to she needs to say her peace, If the kids start wreastling, she is right there to tell them to behave
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