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Have your kids wrote to Santa yet?

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There was an ad on T.V. saying it was time to send your letter to Santa. Raina my 4 year old, asked if she could please write her letter, I said sure, so I write exactly what she is saying, My name is Raina I am really good, now, I want a train with lots of cars, a firetruck, and a pet tiger, , I am leaving you cookies and chocolate milk, and 2 apples for the reindeer, then she printed her name on the bottom. On the way to the post office she says, Mom ,do you think Santa knows ,that tigers are the ones with stripes? I can get the train and the firetruck , but a tiger?
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Oh that's cute! How about get her a big stuffed one and leave a note "from Santa" to her with it saying that all the Tigers he talked to wanted to stay in Africa with their families, so he thought she might like this one instead!

Last year I wrote a letter to my boss' son from Santa. I made it look like it was on official letterhead and I even printed the envelope to look like it had been in the mail, and then I kind of pressed it hard and stepped on it and things so it looked like it had come a long way. Oh and I used a glitter spray paint to make the paper sparkle and look magical. He was out of his mind excited when it came in the mail. I wanted to be a fly on the wall when he had it read to him!
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That is super cool! I like the idea of the stuffed tiger! I really like the letter ieads with the sparkles and letterhead!
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I just looked for it on my computer to see what I wrote. I remember now, he had asked the mall Santa how he got down the chimney and how the reindeer fly. So I came up with answers of being able to turn things into 'super stretchy rubber' and that Mrs Clause and the Elves had a special patch where they grew hay and carrots and put magic in the soil like the farmer next door does with fertalizer (they have horses and goats, but there is a big farm next to their house that grows crops, so he knows farm stuff) and the seven days before Christmas they get to eat the special carrots and hay and that makes them fly.

It's a pretty long letter. If anyone wants to see the whole thing just PM me your e-mail address. It's a word document and I have the envelope attached. I'll just take out the personal info.
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That is soooo cute. You really need to give her a stuffed tiger now.

Just so you know, the WWF sells adoption kits for tigers. They include a certificate saying that you adopted a tiger, some information and a really cute stuffed tiger. I don't know if she's too young to understand the concept... but it could be a nice idea.
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My kids have been planning a christmas list since July. My 12 year old knows there is ahem..no santa but she still likes to write to him and leave the mincmeat pies and whisky for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
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Canada post answers all the kids letters, so I took her to the post office to send it, when i put her to bed last night, I told her Santa can't bring live animals, they don't like to go into his sack, but maybe he'll bring her a stuffed tiger. This morning she asked if maybe Santa, could bring her a really big stuffed tiger, and then it would almost real, So Santa will be looking for big tiger.
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