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More Help (sorry)

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Everything I'm reading tells me that we're doing everything wrong with Molly, and yet she's progressing quite well. She gets along with both the dog and with Reagan (GREAT! Everybody else hates Dozer!) and she's beginning to come out for petting and affection.

At no point have we needed to wear gloves or shield ourselves from her, and in fact, we didn't trap her at all -- just picked her up and brought her in. So she's not as badly off as some ferals.

The question that I have, or the problem, in any case, is the fact that she'll come to us for affection, rub on our hands or legs, and then swat us when she's done with us. We've both stopped reaching out for her (predatory) and are waiting for her to show us a sign that she *wants* to be petted (rubbing on us).

Why does she swat us when she's done?

BTW, she was purring for me today! She's going to be a love bug!
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this might not be whats going on but one of my cats does that when i stop petting her, its like tellling me, " yo don't stop now" ~
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It *could* be that. She obviously likes the affection. However, I am still working on her not seeing my hands as something threatening, but something that makes her feel good. I don't want to be too "aggressive" in petting her because I don't want to frighten her. Kind of a catch-22?
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