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They have Worms??!!

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Midnight Sun had 2 rice shaped things in his stool about 3/4 of an inch long. The vet said that it was most likely a tapeworm. Researching tapeworms on the internet, I found this on http://www.dr-dan.com/tapeworm.htm

..."if you can keep your pet from eating fleas, rabbit, mouse or rat viscera it won't get a tapeworm. The intermediate host is required."

My cats are indoor only and I don't have rats or mice. How can this happen??

Midnight Sun also has roundworms. The other two most likely have worms too. The vet gave me all this liquid medication that I'm not feeling too confident I can get into them, especially Christopher Cody because he won't eat wet food to save his life.

Who has experience with these types of worms and are there any alternative (ie, natural) remedies that don't require large doses?
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Unfortunately....worming requires large doses often.

However, something like Dontal or Droncit....takes care of tapeworms(it's a pill). There's also the option of Revolution, which covers some types of worms but I can't remember which exactly. I *think* roundworms.
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Loki, my dad's cat, barfed up a tapeworm once, biiiiiig sucker. I must have been 12 or something, really freaked me out. Dad & vet didn't believe me til I showed them a picture of what he barfed up. They gave him some pills in case he had anymore, it's realitivly easy to treat.

He was the only one, out of 5 cats, with a tapeworm and he somehow managed to barf it up. None of the other cats had any kind of worm infestation either, and they were all indoor cats. I'll never forget it. Was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Sometimes they just pick it up, somehow.
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I heard drontal is only given once and it can be bought without a prescription.
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Tapeworms can't be spread as easily as "regular" worms as I call them. Tapes require eating an infested creature....or having fleas. If fleas it the cause, then most likely all the cats have tapes. Since you do not know what the cause is, that makes it more difficult!
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