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Any other cats do this?

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My cat has a strange behavior. She will crawl under the top blanket on the bed and just sit in there. You only know shes in there because of the bulge you see through the blanket. There is a blanket on the couch right now and she is under it right now. I find this strange.
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Not strange at all. Cats love things like caves and digging under the blankets. Especially when they are not feeling good, all they want to do is find a dark place to lay down in and sleep.
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Socks does that often, especially on cold days. She likes to make "caves" out of anything, be it a rug, a blanket, or a cardboard box...

She doesn't do it at all in the summer, I guess because she gets too hot.
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Of all my kitties I have one named Betsy and she loves to crawl under the covers and sleep there. Sometimes just a nap other times the bed isn't made all day because Betsy has chosen to sleep there.She especially loves the down comforter and does it mostly in winter too.My sister had a cat whom she rescued and that cat had her kittens underneath the covers in my sisters bed!(Never knew she was pregnant-long haired cat couldnt see any bulging belly!)Imagine her surprise when she felt some thing wet down there!My sister then left to sleep in spare bed to give Patches her privacy,she moved babies to the back of closet by the next morning!(The mama cat moved her babies to closet!)
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All my cats do this,none more than Cheyanne
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Awww thats a cute picture. Penka sleeps under the blankets also. Its really cute!
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That is a great picture. Was it posed at all or does Cheyanne enjoy having her picture taken? Quite the cutie!

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my cat will crawl ON the top blanket and rest for awhile =D
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No. She sometimes sleeps on the back of the couch,The blanket is supose to be under her,my grandson had used the blanket the night before,when I went to put it back,Cheyanne was laying there,so I just covered her up!She stayed there for about a hour.She is the most cold blooded cat I have ever seen,her other place to sleep is in frount of the wood stove. She will not even go outside in the winter.I think she is a real beauty,she is the first Siamese I was given,by my son,now I have 5 Siamese. I love them!
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