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I'm partial to gray. Any gray animal actually. Right now I have 3 solid gray cats, one gray stripe cat, a gray rabbit and a gray duck. Someday I would like a gray dog and a gray horse! Yup, I'm obsessed with gray!

My hubby wanted an orange long haired kitty and that is why our newest little one is a LH orange. We waited until the perfect little orange kitty came available. I don't think it's wrong to want a particular color.
I also love all critters, all colors - but I have to admit I've always had a particular fondness for chocolate-points. Had to laugh when I read this post - cause it was always my fantasy to have a chocolate point siamese, a buckskin horse (which I used to call a siamese horse when I was little) - and then I found out there's dog breeds that have that coloration (pugs come to mind) so of course I'd want one of those....and THEN I found out there's rabbits in that color too! Oh and then a chocolate himalayan (sp?) If anyone here has ever seen a chocolate point snake, don't tell me about it! Life hasn't worked out to give me all those gorgeous chocolate points, after many pet-free years, I currently have a tortie, that I of course fell in love with in 3.5 seconds.