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How smart are cats?

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Everyone automatically thinks dogs are smart because the will roll over and play fetch and all that. I believe cats are also just as smart if not smarter. My cat does some things that really make me wonder about the intelligence level. I mean that in a good way. Sometimes she acts very intelligent. Any scientific facts of a cats intelligence?
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There are actually a few studies out about tests regarding cats intelligence. Cats are very smart in some areas, and not so smart in others. I am sure that if you go to a main search engine and do a search on the subject you will find out some interesting information. Then maybe you can share it with everyone here, and it might turn out to be a stimulating thread. I know that cats are easily trainable, and can even be clicker trained.
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Here is a basic article on Cat Intelligence:


Here's a funny Cat Intelligence Test:

Cat Test

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Thanks, those links were great.
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My friend has a couple of 9-month-old kittens. One of them surprises us almost daily with his intelligence. He has learned how to open all the cabinets in the house. Now this week he has mastered opening drawers. Needless to say, he is running out of safe places to store things!
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HAving both, I can definately say that cats are smarter!
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Mysti, we have had her 2 weeks, learned the first time she saw my hubby open the latch type door handles. She tries it out now 3-4 times a day just to be sure it still works.
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Ophelia is a very smart kitty. She is so logical, it's scary. Especially when she wants to get somewhere inaccessible, we watch her plan out her route, jumping from one level to another until she's there. She eyeballs her route about 5 times before trying it, though, just to make sure it will work. Lucky for us, she doesn't have an interest in cabinets or drawers. I'm sure she could figure those out without much effort.

We always say if there was quaantum physics in kitty she would be all over it!
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Must have something to do with her finding her way out of the wall. She learned quite early how to do kitty angles.
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That may have helped. LOL She's always been a smart girl. When she was itty bitty, not long after we got her out of the wall, she pushed a paperback book up to her litterbox because it was too tall for her to get into. The box was almost as tall as she was! With the book, she had a little step to get into it.
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gee what a smartie- what's next? Reading in the bathroom? I mean litter pan?
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I also think cats are,Grayski,my 11 month old has learned to open child proof cupboard door's,my four year old granddaugther has not learned to do it yet! And my 6 years old cat Cloud Dancer has learned to open the bathroom door,when he wants in!
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I think my cats are smarter than my dogs! At least my cats don't chase cars!! :laughing: And Merlin tries to open the door by wrapping his front paws around the doornob!!!
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Debby, your post about Merlin reminds me of a cat I once knew. Dice was another of those "too smart for his own good" cats. He learned how to unlock and open the front door to my friend's apartment! We came back to their place and the front door was wide open and both cats were gone. We both freaked. After tracking down the cats, she checked everything because we were sure someone had broken in. The next night, we saw Dice up on the little table that she had recently put by the front door, pawing at the lock until it unlocked, and then proceeded to grab onto the doorknob! He got it unlatched while we were watching in amazement. Needless to say, the table was moved immediately and Dice was not a happy kitty.
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