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other cats I have loved...

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I have been thinking of all the cats I have loved before, I hope I remember them all.
When I was a little girl my mom rescued a cat from the pound. He was beautiful, I think what you call a flame point himylain? His name was Benjamin, he was not her first choice but he was set to be pts in 1/2 hour so he is the one she picked. He was MEAN, for some reason he hated me, he was declawed but he would swipe me so hard in the ankles while chasing me down the hallway that I would bruise! He lived a long and happy life with my family and then had a stroke and had to be pts.
When my sister was 4 (and I was 10) my mom got her a kitten, Rosemary. My sister has Muscular Dystrophy. Rosemary was her best friend. They had a bond that was unbelieveable. Rosemary lived to be 16 and then went into severe kidney failure. When she quit eating and using her box and moving my sister had to make the painful decision to help her cross to the bridge in peace. A few months later my sister (at 21) moved to a nursing home.
We had a variety of farm cats.
Gingerfish was orange and came with the farm. She was sweet. Frisky and Moe we brought to the farm. They were a great pair of brothers, grey tabbies. Moe met an unfortunate end when he jumped in a spair tire on the pickup and jumped off during a drive. Frisky LOVED the dogs and lived happily with them. Then he met an unfortunate end by hanging himself on chicken wire.
Millie came with the next farm my parents bought. She was wild but after much patience and many nights sitting on the deck I tamed her. She was then the sweetest cat, she LOVED to be petted.
Oxford just apeared on the farm. He was white and tabby and feral. He got ran over by the neigbors combine and brought home by the dog.
Littlefoot and her daughter Mia were calicos. Mia dissapeared. Littlefoot had premature kittens and then also dissapeared.
Storm and Sugar were a pair of beautiful white cats adopted from the vet, she said she fixed them herself. Sugar had 6 kittens. She died a month later and then we raised the kittens inside. Storm dissapeared after Sugar died.

I do not live at home anymore, now my parents have figured out that the barn cats kept disapearing because of local coyotes. So they only have 2 barn cats now, both mostly black and white, brothers named Curious and Jonah. They have been there for years so must be outsmarting the coyotes.

I have no problem with barn cats. But my kitties will always be indoor kitties (might have barn cats someday if we live on a farm though). I had to precious fur babies, Lister and Smedley. Lister was a beautiful tabico girl orange and grey and brown and white and striped. Smedley was a fluffy black and white guy. They were the best cats in the world. They are no longer with us but I will NEVER forget them.

And of course, now my Raven who I hope to have a lifetime of happiness with.
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Oh man, this is going to be a LONG list, farm kid here, cat's don't always last too long on the farm.

Metalica, was my only indoor kitty that has died.

Farm Kitties
Spook, all white
Black Magic, all black
Peaches, orange/peach tabby
Precious, all white
Mittens, Simamese
Nala, calico
Yellow, blue with yellow eyes, inside for a while, but was a very bad cat
Squeky, male tabby
Fluffy, long grey haired tabby
Tux, black tuxedo cat

That's all I can think of right now
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Awww, I don't have too many

Oliver was the first one, he was from a barn and was really mean. He would climb up you with his claws. He was grey, and his name was Oliver because he was "Allofours"

JP and Lenny were a grey tabby and a black kitty,..they were brothers. We got them when they were kittens..they were little rascals.

Percy was a beautiful tuxedo longhair boy..he had to be PTS because of that stupid cystallization thing they get He was AWESOME too..the cuddliest lap cat you could imagine.

Spike was a grey tabby...one time my sister brought a strange dog into the house and Spike scratched her to get away so she took him to a country road and let him go I was too young to stop her.

Evey was a black girl who was not spayed and she had a litter..we kept Zoe a little black and white girl. My sister didn't like how Zoe would slink around the house, so she took them both to a country road too

My family has a terrible track record with pets. It makes me scared for the kitten my sister has now I am sure I will end up with her in my house someday.
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Long list! Will have to fill in the details another time, but all of the cats my family, or I, have had since I was 4 years old:

Fraidy Cat
Male Siamese, can't remember his name!
and now Riley

All up until Wiley were "family" cats. Wiley was my first kitty when I moved out, and Alley's older brother.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

My family has a terrible track record with pets.
I don't think I like your sister!

It makes me scared for the kitten my sister has now I am sure I will end up with her in my house someday.
I hope so!
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I've shared lives with several over the years...but the two most memorable were Jesse and Raju. Jesse was a grey tabby foundling that I took in for a while. I lived in a two-story house, with a bathroom directly at the end of the stairs. Jess would sit on the landing at the top of the stairs...do the "butt in the air" thing, then go flying down the stairs, hard as she could....climb the door frame....then hang upside down from the top of the door frame, and bellow for you to come get her.

Another trick she pulled (thank goodness only once) - there I slept, middle of the night. Now keep in mind, this was in my grandmother's old house....of which I was terrified of as a kid, and wasn't too awfully sure about as an adult. I wake up to hear....thump......thump.......thump......! Now, there was noooo way I was putting MY paw to floor, on hearing this awful noise, in MY room, in the middle of the night! So, I carefully stand up on my bed (thump) - stretch waaaayyyy out to barely reach one finger to the light switch (thump) - and flick on the light! Looking everywhere all at once - all I see is Jess....quietly sitting in the middle of the floor, paws extended in front of her. Jess? Whatcha doing? Did you hear those thumps?? I swear she grinned at me...then went *scoop* with her paw, and flicked something up into the air! THUMP went the mouse against the (low) ceiling. Aaaaghhhhh! I start screeching at Jess, keeping an eye on the mouse, and trying to figure out how to rescue the mouse when I don't want to touch it! At this point, the mouse started to quiver, started to move....Jess pounced again, flicked it again....and this time it came down right in my bed! With me still in it! But only momentarily - I levitated downstairs....and I'm sure the poor mouse met it's demise...but thankfully not in front of me / on MY lap!

Then there was Raju. A gorgeous, huge, muscular siamese mix, that came to me as a way-too-early-to-be-weaned baby. He and I had many adventures together. Most folks who visited were afraid of him, as he would sit near me and glare at them - as if to say "you're here because SHE let you in, but if you dare touch her, I'll shred you!" He would stay glued to my side as long as company was around. If I called his name, silence. If I called "raju where are you?" he would answer, but not come. If I called "Raju, comm-ooo", he would come running. (I dunno, either. That word never worked on any other cat.) I'd take him for walks (leashed) at a nearby path-way / trail. The other regulars soon learned....if me and Raju were coming, take their dog and move across the street....cause Raju would go all "mountain lion" and try to attack the dogs. Or hiss and screech like a banshee if I picked him up to keep him from attacking.

Raju was accustomed to being left alone for up to 5 days, with plenty of food and water. Didn't happen often, but with family 500 miles away, was occasionally necessary. (A friend that Raju accepted would check on him daily, to ensure all was well...but he didn't like being housed at her place...wanted to stay in his own.) Normally on my return he was all fine, and calm. One year, he was ballistic when I opened the door - screaming his head off at me. I couldn't figure out why, at first. He seemed fine. Plenty of food, plenty of water. Clean litter box. (That friend, again.) I kept talking to him, trying to calm him down. He finally jumped up on the table that was right next to the door (which he never did) - and started to push a vase of flowers over to the edge. You see,....those flowers weren't there when I left. I lived in an apartment,...someone had sent them to me while I was gone. The manager let herself in, to deliver them....and Raju didn't like it one bit! I later thanked the manager for the delivery....and she said.....ummm....your cat doesn't like strangers, does he? She said she had opened the door....and he was in the middle of the floor, crouched, growling....tail twitching....she thought he would attack! (And he might have.) That's why the flowers were sitting on the table next to the door....she didn't dare come in any further!
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Childhood cats:

Felix, a gorgeous ginger and white tom - facial wise, him and Ginger (in my sig) were practically identical. Me and my mum can never agree to how old he was when he died, the vet suspected cancer, so my mum had him pts - I say he was 10, my mum says 13. He was a fantastic cat, not sure where he came from, I came home one day to find him, he was soo tiny!!

Lucky and Beauty - two black or black and white kittens we had briefly. My mum has never told me the real place they went.

Gizmo - we got her when I was 14, but when we moved in with my stepdad, we had to home her - we lived on a quiet cul de sac, where she would happily sit on the road, so moving onto a main road wasn't an option with her. She was a lovely pure black cat, who came from some neighbours who had 3 cats and 3 dogs, and never got them neutered (we are going back a few years now though). She had a love relationship with our dog, she had lots of kinks in her tail from him stopping her running away, and he was the only thing he would allow to take food from his mouth!!

Apparently, there were cats before Felix, but I dont remember them, and have never seen pics.

My 'own' cats

Charlie was my first cat, I wasn't going to get another cat, as I was living on my own for the first time, and wasn't sure on bills and being in the house enough, but the person on the next street said he would microwave her otherwise, so she came here. It was actually his mum's cat who had had to live outside for months. Sadly, she only had 9 weeks here before being really ill.

I then realised that the house wasn't a home without a cat, so went to the rescue the next day for another one, I wanted to focus on a hard to home 'type' of cat, and could only think of ones with behavioural issues or oldies (Charlie was 14). They only had a 5yo tabby available, so I adopted her and thought she could be the cat I had for years while my oldies came and went, but sadly that wasn't meant to be, she only had 8 months here. I lost her to FIP. It resolved me to only taking on oldies. She was a very aggressive cat though, and I loked like I was into self harming for ages!!

When I rang my mum to tell her about Tigger, she told me I was stupid as Ginger didn't have a home. Asked loads of people with 2 cats, and got told it wasn't much more hassle than one, so 6 days later, we went and picked him up off the streets. He was bullied by Tig, and I nearly didn't get another cat after that. He ended up being the one that was with me for years, while others (older and younger) came and went.

4 months after losing Tig, my friend took me to a rescue on the way home, and I was determined I wasn't going to get anohter cat - but walking round, I said I couldnt do it, I had to see if they would let me have a cat, you have to pick a cat before they do a homecheck, and I wanted another oldie, but one that would be placid for Ginge, and my friend picked me the oddest looking oldie they had!! Snowy fitted the bill for Ginger, and she made him be friends!! She had 16 months here, I lost her to liver probs.

The day I lost Snowy, I got a phone call asking if I could help with a 10yo female, I had to bend my own rules to take her on, as I dont normally take cats on under the age of 12, I went to see her, and I had seen them at the vets that morning, so I decided it was fate. She was obviously meant to be here, we had loads of health issues with her!! As most of you know, I had nearly 2 years with her, and we dont know what was wrong with her in the end. It is just over 3 weeks till her anniversary.

They are all in my sig, apart from Charlie, as I dont have a single pic of her.

Then there are all the fosters, but I shant name all them, there are over 40 of them!!
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