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Question of the Day - November 21st

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Where is the farthest you have ever been away from home? Did you get homesick?
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I've been to the other side of the country. I didn't get very homesick, but there again I'm used to travelling.
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The furthest for me is the Middle East ...... I always get homesick when I leave home to travel anywhere, but I love to travel.
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Probably Flor-i-dah.

No, didn't get homesick.

But right now... Nebraska... Yes, I do. But I've been here two years now.
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Chicago, I don't get homesick too bad.
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A Washingtonian living in Mississippi.

As a Utahn, I still miss Washington, I miss green stuff.
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Paris. . . I was only there a week though so I didn't get too homesick.
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I always forget to answer my own question

I've been to both Alaska and Hawaii, not sure which is farther away, the flights were both awful I didn't get homesick per se, I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon so I had my ex and it was a lot of fun, but I was ready to come home at the end. For the Alaska trip it was for school and my dad was with the group... but I did miss my mommy
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Florida, and i always get homesick no matter where i go towards the end of my holiday/vacation.
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Belfast Northern Ireland and yes I have to say I was homesick. I'm definately a momma's girl
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We went to Chattanooga last year for a volkswagen swap meet, then went down into Alabama and Georgia. I wasn't homesick the first night that we stayed in Chattanooga, but got a little homesick the second night because I missed my animals!
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I don't know which country would be farther away; Holland. France or Belgium. I was gone two weeks and while enjoying myself immensely it was good to be back home!!
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On my own would be Germany - Berlin to be exact. I loved it, went way too fast

With family would be South Dakota, US. Don't remember much as I was only 7!
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I don't know really which is further away, Lebanon or Japan. And I wasn't homesick. In Japan I was constantly on the go, seeing everything that I could see.

The closest I've ever been to nowhere is a little place called Ascension Island.
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I live in Michigan and the farthest I have traveled was to Florida. I always get home sick. I just can't stand being away from all my furbabies.
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I live in Toronto and the furthest I've been from home was when I went to Europe. I didn't really get homesick at all. If anything, I wished I could have stayed longer.
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My senior cruise a few years back- we went to several different places in Mexico. I was only gone a week- so i didn't get too homesick, i did have a good time though! The things i missed the most though was my mom and my furbabies!
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Hmmm, the farthless I've been from home by myself......North Carolina from Iowa. I few out to spend time with some family out their but my very conservative republican grandpa drives me CRAZY!!!! He was a farmer before he retired and he can never tell enough people about how he used to farm. I was only gone for a week, but my lord was I ready to get away from him!
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Maybe the part that I been so far from my land?...I think Florida...when I was child.......and I not been sick ( thanks to God!)..
If I would like to return? OF COURSE!!!!
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When I lived in Lansing, I missed being able to see my parents whenever I wanted. That was before good phone rates were the norm, so phone calls were few and far between also. When I visit my sister in San Diego, I miss my kitties, but I'm able to talk to my folks as much as I want, so I don't really get homesick...besides, vacations (for me) only last about 2 weeks at the most, lol!
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The Maritimes which was about a 19 hour drive away, and no I wasn't homesick..I didn't miss home when I lived with my mom
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I went on a two-week trip to southeast Asia. Amazing as it was, I did get homesick toward the end. I'm such a homebody.
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The farthest away was Mexico. I always get homesick. But the worst case of homesickness I ever had was when I moved here! I had my Mom and brand new step-dad, but I wanted everyone else too!
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England, and no I wanted to stay there!
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The farthest I have ever been is Barbados, but I was only 6 months old so I don't remember that. Besides that, probably just Florida. I never get homesick when I go away.
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I live in central British Columbia, the farthest I've been is Vancouver Island I would like to go to the east coast of Canada.
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The farthest was the Caribbean. We had gone on a cruise, and I was far from homesick. I wanted to spend the rest of my life on the awesome ship

When I moved from NJ to NC though, I was extremely homesick. I still do get that way when I visit, whether it's for a day or a week. (And I now live in SC).
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The farthest I have been is Berlin, Germany. I didn't get too home sick because I know people that live there and I'm going back there for a while in a couple years.
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England. And I wasn't there long enough to get homesick, though I don't think I would have been even if I had been able to stay a long time. I wanna go back to England!
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Without the parents? Then England for me.

With the parents, but away from home would be Innsbruck, Austria.

When I'm on vacation, its for a reason, so I rarely get homesick.
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