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Katty cats strange sucking...HELP!!

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MY name is Tanya and i am new here. I have two lovely male kitten. Choclate is a lovely dark brown persian (hence the name my six year old son chose) and a white tabby that decided to adopt my son and myself as we found him stranded on our doorstep and wouldn't leave. Now he is a welcome part of the family and we named him Katty Cat.

I have noticed that Katty keeps sucking at his chest (nipple) and does this kneading thing with his front legs at the same time. The vet has not been able to determine what it is and it doesn't seem right to me. I try to stop him sucking by gently moving his mouth from his chest or distracting him with something else, he forgets for a while and as soon as i troke him or he starts cleaning himself he is at it again.

Can anyone help me and help and tell me what to do?

Katty CAT
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I think that some cats do that when they were taken from their mothers too early. I had a cat that sucked on her tail.
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My kitty Glitch did that only he was sucking on my husbands chest! LOL
What I did was I got him comfortable with a soft fleece blanket, then incouraged the nursing on it. He loved it! I loved it too. When they get pulled from their moms to soon they still have the desire to nurse so I just let it go. Some people stop them from doing it by flicking their noses (I dont) but if it makes them happy I dont see anything wrong with it. I would try to get him to suck on something else besides your boys chest though! Try a fleecce blanket! Mine loved it so much That I buried it with him!
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the wife cat, sucks on her shirts and stuff all the time.
my old cat would nibble and suck on my ears also, Some cats do that,,

as for the kneading thing, that is something cats do,
all 4 of the cats we have will get on my legs or stomach and knead me.
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Thank you so much. I will try to get him used to a fleece blanket or anything else he wants. My son thinks its cute and wants to try it on himself and was annoyed that he couldn't achieve his goal

Katty Cat targets his nipple and sucks at it. Does male cats nipples give milk or something?

Blinks and winks
Chocolate and Katty
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