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Anyone else have to do the "cat dance"?

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I came home from work a little late last night, and went to feed the outdoor cats. I had 8 very hungry, very excited cats running around my feet and it took me almost 5 minutes to walk 15 ft from my car to their food pans (I keep their food in my car). I had to laugh when I thought what I must look like to someone else....I step forward, 2 steps back, reach down to pet, a step to the left, nope can't go there so a 2 steps to the right (repeat as necessary). I felt like I was doing the hokey-pokey! Of course, DH just stood on the porch and laughed at me!
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Yes, especially when my husband gets home and the kitties are like, "Daddy!". They'll be running around his feet and then follow him into the kitchen, acting like speed bumps on the floor! And we have a tiny kitchen!
Oh, and don't get me started when they get their tuna juice treats! "Meow! Meow! Meow!" They'll roll all over the floor, crying their heads off for tuna!
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Awwww yes. Rosie and Sophie mainly wait by their bowls, but Jack get so excited he runs over to Rosie and headbutts her, then to Sophie, then back to Rosie
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Oh yes, Bella's the smarty so she goes over to the windowsill over the bowls and waits like a good girl.

Stanley, on the other hand, weaves in and out of my feet, chirps, darts around and sticks to my feet like glue. I have stepped on him more than once...

We also do a kitty dance trying to get out the door without taking them with us
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My cats all go crazy when it's time to eat. I have to shuffle my feet on the floor when walking to get their food... so that I don't accidentally step on a paw or a tail!
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does anyone elses cat walk up very close behind,and then start meowing over dramatically like they've been walked on?
Biscuit does this trick all the time in the kitchen,she knows people who think they have accidentally knocked her will give her 'sympathy food' if she makes it seem really bad.
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I am lucky enough to not kitty dance just yet. however i do sheep dance. When I go into the barn to feed the sheep they all know it's time for grain and will have me dancing. if i steer to far from their feeder i bumped back in course
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There is a TNR cat that has been hanging around my house since mid summer. I finally started feeding him (I know, I'm a sucker). I've learned to take steps with my feet at least 3' apart. He zig-zags from one foot to the other, and that's the only way I can get anywhere reasonably fast.
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Yep. I have to open the door VERY slowly, because I'm always afraid I'm going to smack a cat on the way in. They usually greet me at the door, but if they are hungry and need me to shake food out (our automatic feeder isn't very automatic LOL) they trip me on the way in. It's funny and irritating at the same time, especially if you have arms full of stuff.
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Definitely! Harley waits at the foot of my bed for me to get up, then I have to sidestep her on the way to the bathroom (and of course, the meowing has already started). As soon as I start heading for the kitchen, I have to shuffle my feet because she's winding around my legs, dancing across my feet, and walking in front of me to get me to go to the right cabinet! By now, the meowing is getting louder and more pitiful. She even gets up on her hind legs and wedges herself between me and the kitchen cabinets while I'm putting her food in her bowl.

My husband gets the same treatment when he comes home from work in the morning during the week. She'll hop all over his feet, between his legs, anywhere to get him into the kitchen to feed her.
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I call Zane "Mr. Underfoot" when he gets like that. (Here in WV two rather prominent families are the "Underwoods" and the "Proudfoots" ["Proudfeet"?])
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Ah yes, I have to dodge kitties several times a day, whenever they think it's time to eat, regardless of whether it really is or not! My three have not learned that the food will actually come faster if they would just sit quietly and wait, rather than weaving in and out of my feet, following me from one end of the kitchen to the other!
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I have the kitty dance first thing in the morning with my 3 at breakfast time They all gather round my feet, and avoiding treading on paws and tails can be fun
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I'm like Britni, I have to shuffle so I don't step on anyone and I absolutely never wear shoes in the house Have you ever tried to get to the bathroom in a hurry when 6 cats are racing you to get there??
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Well I definately do that now. I trip over cats trying to avoid them when it's my bath time or bed time. Not so much when they're hungry.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I'm like Britni, I have to shuffle so I don't step on anyone and I absolutely never wear shoes in the house Have you ever tried to get to the bathroom in a hurry when 6 cats are racing you to get there??
Oh my yes. I've always said that mine belong to the "speed bump" family!

At dinner time here (7PM sharp), I have 10 cats and 3 dogs that congregate in the kitchen. We do both the kitty dance and the doggie dance every night.
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Su, my kitty in heaven used to block me from the bathroom first thing in the morning. And darn I had to go. I remember it was a race to get there before he made a road block of himself.
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