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I'd like to share Percy with you he's one of my cornsnakes 4 yrs old and about 5'6" long...I love him.

Percy at about a month old

Percy as he is now.

Funnily enough i don't let him near the kittens :-o
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YIKES I have this irrational fear of snakes, I wish I didnt. Another member here, Lore, has several cornsnakes, I think like 6 of them. Cornsnakes always have beautiful colors.
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What a beautiful snake! Makes me wish hubby would let me have another... but probably better I don't right now.

When Frankie was a kitten she was nearly eaten by a 12' burmese python... she got a long lecture about snakes that day and ever since she is VERY cautious around reptiles... curious but cautious.
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It is pretty..does it bite
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
It is pretty..does it bite
My guess it only if your small and fuzzy!
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In the 4 year that i've had him he has only bitten once and that was a feeding accident. My husbands hand got in the way. I'd love to have more but really don't have the space.

He's a full corn too ('fraid i can't remember the whilst our other has no colour pigmentation, just black white n grey.

Thanks for letting me share him with you. ;-)
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he's beautiful
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lovely ... I for some reason thought they stayed under 4 ft ... ohh yeah other than pet store babies I have only seen a wild one
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Oooo he is pretty. I've always sorta wanted a snake, but I don't like them is they move fast and I don't want to get bit.
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99% of bitings aren't the snakes fault. My red tail boa was a grumpy boy but even with him, use your head and you won't be bit. If he was looking aggitated then I didn't take him out. He bit me twice... both times were my fault. I was taking him out but he was asleep. When I touched him it spooked him and he bit me. The second time he was already out and I mistakenly didn't put Wickett in a different room. Wickett made some quick movement and I got bit... I'm just glad it was me and not him.
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