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No-Kill Shelter Reaches Max Capacity (Ohio)

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I finally found another shelter to volunteer at! It's a small family affair; a no-kill place with only a few dozen cats and five dogs or so, living on a farm. (They have horses too, but I'm not sure if they're rescues.) I clean stuff and cuddle cats... it's fun. Especially since they don't use cages, so the cats are 'helping' you constantly!

Problem is, there are way more homeless cats than there is space for them, and they've reached their limit--they can't take any more in until some are adopted, which means they're having to turn away cats now. I guess this is the typical state of affairs for a no-kill; but it's still really sad.

If you are in the Ohio area, and you are in the 'market' for another cat... come check out their site! (They even have a litter of kittens, which have just been neutered and are hopefully all going to be young enough to find homes before the 'cute factor' is out of the picture! Fingers crossed!)

This is their PetFinder site. Scroll down to the very bottom (the link that says "Click here for a list of pets at this shelter") to get to the cats; the main site right now is advertising the dogs, so you have to go to the main PetFinder page to get to the cat ads.

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Ack! I so wish that we could have more cats right now... Louise would be a perfect fit for us! Her description makes me think of Baloo But even if we weren't still settling in the stray and the feral, we'd be out of room, really...

There are so many beautiful babies listed with your shelter. I hope homes are found for all of them!
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i feel so sad when i hear these stories some times ..pets are not just PETS there like our family for many , some people will just go out and geta kitten sooo cute at the time the just open the door thats why i am such a SPAY Neuter advacote.....i wish all those poor kitties luck and hope they will find GOOD homes and such ....
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That's actually how we wound up deciding that Baloo, should he be "claimed" wasn't going home without his shots, a neuter, and a fostering fee. Even then we're hesitant because he was either dumped or his owners let him out unaltered, and there are stray/feral females in the neighborhood who are also unaltered.

IMO, he's one of the lucky ones, as, obviously, is Molly. I just can't believe that people are being so irresponsible with their pets!
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awww, angel & velvet are so pretty
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I think I got to pet Angel (or it was one of the other longhaired black and whites; it's so hard to keep track sometimes!) If so, Angel's even more gorgeous in real life, and her fur's lovely soft... haven't seen her sister; she's so shy she won't see me yet, since I'm a new person. I got to groom the cats the other day--it's amazing how much fur comes off one tiny cat! I think I had another Persian's worth of fur at the end of the session! They think they're either Persian mixes or the result of BYBs; but they're lovely cats all the same.
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