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Kitten behaviour

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Hey everyone!

As a first time cat owner Im still learning the ropes, while I know a lot about dogs I know next to NOTHING about kitties!
So far my devon is well behaved but nipped me on the ear last night so my question is this:

If she starts biting or scratching what is the best way to "correct" this behaviour?
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Tell her it hurts. Just go "Ouch!" high pitched and loud; and just kind of freeze so she knows it's not a game. If you have to, you could hiss at her. If you're petting or playing with her, ignore her for a few minutes; that way she knows she doesn't get attention if she bites.

Some cats will just kind of grab your hand or clothing with their mouths, gently, to get your attention; that's different from play-biting (which isn't hard, but can still hurt). Other reasons a cat could bite is if they are overstimulated--some cats hate being petted along their stomachs, for example, and will get scared and claw if petted that way. You can tell if that's happening, though; most cats' tails start to twitch long before they actually claw anybody. Tail twitches--jerky and tense ones--mean they're annoyed. The best way to deal with that is just to watch for the twitches and stop petting then. Some cats are particular. (But some cats would love to be petted forever... I have one like that, and one of the "tail twitch" sort--Tiny hates to be petted anywhere but the head, and will start twitching his tail at me if I pet anywhere else!)
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Thank you for explaining that so well So far she's been really good, even with the dogs right in her face she barely bats an eye!
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