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Meggie is missing...

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I don't know what she is up to, but she has been on a "hunt it down at all costs" tangent, which I thought was over when she finally found the mouse in the basement (ick), but she stayed out all night 3 nights ago (all our cats come in at night, at least, but usually in and out all day), I saw her in our yard the next morning, and now no hide nor hair of her for the past 2 days!

I would appreciate any prayers that she would get over whatever she is tracking now, and come home- soon!!! We are going out of town for Thanksgiving, and I really want her in the house before we leave (I can't leave food out for her because of the woodland critters).

I am getting the "Missing cat" signs out tomorrow... *sigh*
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Well, that figures- she's home, lol! Lil' stinker! And she is not getting out until we get back in town!
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I'm SO glad she's came home! Leave it to a cat....
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Thanks, yes, that sums it up nicely, lol!
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Meggie - are you trying to give your meowmmy gray hairs
Glad to know she's home, safe and sound
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I just saw this!! Im soooooooo glad you have her back home now. Shes going to be so upset when you get back from Thanksgivng for being inside
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Yep, she will be (some window grids will be missing, and possibly a curtain sheer or two )! She did sleep all day when she came home, even though she was begging to go back out 10 minutes after showing up, lol. Goofy cat! The other 3 may be more hacked off though when we get back...
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You have a nice welcome to look forward to
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Well, surprise, surprise- we're back and the house is in one piece !
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Well thats good to know. I bet they missed you. I hope you had as good Thanksgiving.
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They did- we had 3 cats in the bed last night/this morning, and two snugglers, lol. We did have a good Thanksgiving, thanks - I hope yours was good too.
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