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exotic cat breeder

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Hi everyone,

We are breeders of exotic cats such as bobcats, caracal, serval, siberian lynx, and canadian lynx, and exotic hybrids. We love our business, and the people we run into. Visit us at http://www.bobcatandlynx.com
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I'm sorry, but is that even legal? Don't you feel bad containing all those wild animals? And how can you breed so many very different cats? I only really know dog breeders, but wow, breeding one breed of dogs is extremely complex. I can't see how you can take care of all these animals and 'kittens' and make sure you do all the right genetic research and everything.
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Your cats are beautiful! I think that it's ok to breed them as long as you have a big yard. I would love to be owned by a Savannah someday!
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Awesome cats and a great website!

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When you love animals you take care of them, after finding out how most exotic animals die early of starvation, and be hunted and ate like the serval and the caracal, I don't feel bad at all saving the extinction of species. Or giving our animals lot of food and play room. I love all my animals, and they love us. However for those who are against animals in captivity, I guess your only solution is letting animals go extinct, or starve to dealth. Even the ones that make wonderful pets like the ones we sell. These animals all have exercise pens, lots of food, and more protection and shelter then they go ever ask for.
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Your cats are beautiful and i have no qualms about you breeding them and you obviously take good care of them. I was just wondering how tame they are. are they tame enough to be a pet? When i think of pet i think of sleeping on the bed with me type pets. Or are they outside in a kennel type pets? which is ok too. there are a lot of dog breeders that keep there dogs in kennels. welcome to the site.
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