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How much more growth?

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Spike is 9 months old and I'm just curious how much more growth I can expect out of him. He currently weighs 9 pounds.
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Some cats don't fully fill out till 2 years, or even 3.

My Tomas is a year old now and still looks like a kitten...a somewhat heavy kitten.

If you've seen Spike's parents, preferably the father, that might give a good idea what his full size may eventually be.
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If he continues at the current rate hell be 12-15lbs... most kitties grow to 18-24 months ... then there is Zoey who didnt slow till 2.5
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Great, Oscar is a huge big long lump already at just approaching seven months - he's going to be HUGE! Actually, I have an idea that I might have seen his daddy - there's this really muscly chocolate tom cat that passes by our garden sometimes and the kittens mother is on friendly terms with him...
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Depends.... Abys get done growing around 18 months, Maine Coons around 4 years, Singapuras 12 months. It's all relative. If he's gonna be a big dude, he'll be done by 24 months I guess
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Thanks. I figured he was going to get bigger, especially when I weighed him and all of the other cats... he is already bigger (taller, longer and heavier) than all of the adult cats!
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I got Riley at 6 months and he weighed 6 pounds. He is now 11 months and weighs 11 pounds. Hopefully he will stop gaining a pound a month at some point in the future!

To me he still has a kitten'ish look, but I don't know how much bigger he will get.
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Knowing what breeds might have gone into the cat is a tremendous help. I keep a couple of breed books around, and I've learned many distinctive signs; it's amazing how many mixed breeds nonetheless have distinct breed indicators.

Currently I have cats who look like a Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, and Tiffany, even though it's equally obvious they are mixed breeds. But this has been a big help in understanding their behavior and their needs.

Here's a breed resource on line:

And, of course, each breed has at least one Fancier site.
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Smaller breeds of cats would be more/less full grown at 12-14 months. Medium breeds 18-24 months and larger breeds up to 3-4 yrs.

Most cats would fall in the medium range, so you can expect another year of growing and filling out.

Charlie still has up to 2 yrs old to be fully grown and filled out. He's 15 months old now
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I would say he'll be a pretty good 13 - 15 pounds.

I just had to share that Smudge is 1 1/2 years and weighs 15 pounds. He is expected to grow until he is 4!
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