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missing tails

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my 4 month old, Jasper, loves to play with, attack and bite those little fur mice. I've noticed that she manages to get the tail off of each and every one, - which usually means she's done with it. BUT - I have never seen a any of those tails laying around. Does this mean she is eating them? and if so, is that ok? She never seems sick, constipated or has diarrhea. She still makes enormous poops that are the same exact size and shape of a golf ball.(which my vet doesn't seemed worried about because everything else is great!) I wonder if there is a correlation between the tails and her poop - because the disappearing tails are really the only difference between her and her sister Macy(whose poop is normal looking).

On a completely different note - and I feel silly asking this - but can anyone tell me how to post a picture?

thanks so much!
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First of all, see this thread for posting pictures.

As to the mouse tail thing. My Petunia always went after the tail first thing and never seemed to have a problem. You can be pro-active and take them off first. Also watch her to see if she seems to have a problem with eating or pooping.
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thanks for the photo thread and your feedback.
SO your cat eats the tails as well? Good to hear. If I took the tails off she wouldn't play with it. As soon as she gets the tail off, she's done - but this can take days - it depends. But she does not give a tailless mouse a second look!!
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My kitten seems to feast on the tails as well. They all went missing and the only place i didnt search was the litter box (where they most likely end up!). The suggestion above to cut them is maybe the best but Sal ate a bunch without being upset. But he's a roaming garbage can!!! The other thing to watch for is that some can easily be chewed trough up to the stuff in the middle, which concerns me a bit more... I found really great fish toys with extra sturdy ribbons that mimic the tails and are totally safe. Sal is even crazier about these than the mice!!
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thanks for this thread. Raven does the same thing only her mice tails are feathers. I have found all of the lost feathers but it did make me wonder if they were safe toys. I mean, in the wild, cats catch birds sometimes, and I am sure that they sometimes ingest feathers, know what I mean?
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Haha, I never get to see a tail on one of those mice after a couple days! My cat eats them too! LOL
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Smaller, undyed feathers are ok.

Try looking under all your furniture for those missing mouse tails. My cats usually bat all sorts of things under a china cabinet in the dinning room and even a few things under the edge of the couch... such as stolen cherry tomatoes.
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