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i know i've read some suggestions about this on here before, i'm going to ask specific to my max. he is about 5-6 months old. i was feeding him nutro kitten indoor formula and boy was his gas and poops horrible smelling. i switched to the regular nutro max kitten hoping it would help, but it didn't, when he uses the litter box he can clear the house, not just the room! since switching to the regular i have noticed that his fur is much softer and smells better.
oh, and also his breath is life threatening if he yawns in your face. i didn't notice bad breath when we first rescued him, when it developed i noticed he was teething. well, i'm pretty sure he is all done teething, but the bad breath remains. i've never had a cat that stinks so bad out both ends! should i try a different food or just chalk it up to immature kitten bowls? his stools are properly formed and he goes 1-2 times a day. we did a fecal in october after i rescued him and everything was fine.
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hmm, I have no advice. But I feed my Raven the nutro natural choice indoor kitten and she doesn't stink. I don't think that she has ever yawned in my face, so I don't know about her breath.
I guess just like babies all tolerate a different formula (if bottlefed) all cats and kittens must tolerate a different food.
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you may have a chicken issue... a corn issue( much rarer in cats than dogs)... or a rice issue...

I would try something like lamb or beef

natures variety make a couple chicken free ones
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oh no, i never thought of an allergy! i think i need some advice! i went to nature's variety web page and found a store that sells that, i'll go tomorrow and pick something up. anything i should know or look for, or just try to avoid those ingredients? his foster mom at the shelter was feeding him iams when i first got him and his poops were lose with that and stinky, but nearly as stinky as they are now. i obviously changed his diet when i got him, i wouldn't feed that stuff myself.
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well I would suspect rice and try the Raw instict first ... if that doesnt work then it is likely chn
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