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I'm so glad you're going to have a Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to hear Caesar's doing so well. Sending out another round of "get well completely and soon" to your kitty!

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Thank you everyone its been so stressfull. The vet was very happy to see Caesar was in a better mood today when he saw him. unlike yesterday with his hissing snarling,ect that is NOT like my boy. At all.

He was just ALL ABOUT the attention he got at work. everyone had to come and see the kitty.. and hes such a ham anyways.

We are going to my grandmas for thanksgiving, I was calling to cancel today so I could stay home with my boy and grandma said think nothing of it bring him along and shes gonna purree him some turkey lol
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awww purreeeddd turkey YUMMMY ... for a quick recovery
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I am glad Caesar will be ok. Hugs to all of you.
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Glad Caesar is doing well... Keeping coming.
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Best wishes for Caeser's continued recovery - what a good reason to celebrate thanksgiving!
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Hope Caesar is in exellent recovery and health! So relieved that caesar is a strong-will cat!~
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I'm sorry I missed this thread, Katie. Caesar is really lucky that you knew what to look for. Lots of for him, and I hope he enjoys his pureed turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Healing vibes for Ceasar and hugs for you.
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he did enjoy his puree turkey, he also got some mashed taters and a little bit of turkey gravy. He is currently in his travel box..wih his smartly decorated with autum leaves and a turkey cut out from construction paper. he wanted it decorated. hehe.

and yup hes in a turkey coma..
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Oh hon, I'm so sorry I missed all Poor Caesar's problems! I'm glad that everything turned out for the best! For continued recovery.
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I'm glad your boy was well enough to enjoy such a special treat on the holiday! It was a happy thanksgiving.

Glad he's doing so well - hope it continues.

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