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What just hit the house??

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I was on another website and I heard this thud and a birdlike sound.
I'm thinking what did a turkey fly into the side of the house
I went to bedroom to look as Bakker was on the bed and he was curious too.

It was a pheasant trolling for birdseed.
This is a new spot for me to feed the birds. I took a crummy pic of it then ran into garage but he was obscured by plants. When I opened the door it took off running and I was unable to get a photo. Hope it returns
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Thats neat how a pheasant was trolling for seed in your yard!
Hopefully you can get a photo of the pheasant
Hope he comes back for more yummy seeds
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A pheasant?? Wow i wouldn't know what to do if one of those ran into my house! Now there's something you don't see everyday around here lol!
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I've never seen a pheasant in RL before but they are very pretty in pictures. I hear they taste good too!
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It must be the season for pheasants! Many years ago, 2 pheasants moved into my backyard about a week before Thanksgiving. They disappeared the day before Thanksgiving and I've always wondered if someone didn't hunt them down for a free dinner the next day.

Pheasants are cool birds.
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was it a window he/she flew into?
Dad got these special large transfers from the RSPB to stick on the window,as the birds were always crashing into it due to the reflections messing with their mind,they now see the stickers and fly up-rather than through.

Have only ever seen pheasants down south/Norwich.
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When I was still living in Wisconsin, I heard "Gobble, gobble, gobble" one day out in my yard. I went outside to take a look thinking that I had completely lost it but there in the yard stood a huuuge turkey!

I also had deer grazing in the back yard on more than one occasion. And I wasn't living in the country, either!

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