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antibiotics and infection

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I am new to this forum. I have four cats and one stray who comes and goes. He is in terrible shape. I was able to caputure him because his paw was bitten by another male. He was limping on three legs so I was able to catch him. I am not sure what to do with him. His head is puffed out like some kind of infection. Lots of scabs comming out of his ear. Lots of scabs all over his face and back. His paw is swollen with puss comming out. The vet said that he will not see this cat because of the description I gave him.
He is afraid of infection being spread to his clients cats. That is insane I told him! I live in an rural part and would like to know if I could administer antibiotics to this cat. I am really confused and do not have the heart to put him to sleep. If I could help him regain health I would love to. But again I do not wish any animal to suffer. I am hoping it is not too late. I know he is in bad shape but I would like to help. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

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oh Goodness! I hope this isn't the only vet in your area? This cat is abcessing, and his wound on his head needs to be opened and drained out and he needs a huge round of antibiotics!

Whereabouts are you located? Perhaps I can find someone near you that can help you? If there is an animal rescue center call them and ask them to send someone out to help this cat, or ask if you can take it into their place to be helped?

How tolerant is this stray when you touch him? How much heat is rising from the wounds (when you pass your hand over the wound without touching it, does heat rise up?) Do you have the stomach to open a wound and cleanse it and de-breed it? Not an easy thing to do.
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Hi Hissy,

Thank you for your quick post. I live in the hills near Santa Barbara,ca. The next vet is about 60 miles away. This cat is really in need of help. My baby sister came over last night and drained his paw and put some stuff for infection on it. We both were shocked when we saw how bad of shape this stray was in. He has one front tooth. I almost cried at how messed up this cat was. He has never let anyone get near him but we did capture him yesterday due to his inability to walk. We called the vet and he is the one who said that he did not want to see him. It would be best to just put him to sleep. I noticed he has one good eye. Looks like he got in a fight and now has skin covering his right eye. I do not know how he has survived out in my area. He seems to have burned up his nine lives from the shape he is in. Can you tell me what an animal rescue place is? I will call them as soon as possilbe. I hope there is some hope for him. Would it be possible for me to admininster antibiotics to this cat? Thanks again for your help.
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Give this link a try..


I know for sure that the Humane Society in Ojai is WONDERFUL. Depending how close you are to SB, it should only be about an hour drive for you. There arw poeple wiling to help, you just have to find them. He made it this far, so there must be a reason
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Oh that poor baby! Have you been able to get him to a vet yet? Please let us know.
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I will let you know how this turns out. Thanks for all the replies I will update as soon as I get some information. Thanks again.
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