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I think BooBoo Lost it!!

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Okay, as many of you know, My furbaby Glitch died on the 16th.

BooBoo is not at all handling this. He walks around the house screaming! LOUDLY! He wont eat, wont drink, wont do anything. He has never been without another cat in the 7 years Ive had him.

What Ive heard is that I can't adopt for another 8 weeks! I dont think he's gonna make it that long!

My ? Is, should I adopt sooner to calm his loneliness or is this something I should just let be??

He doesn't want to do anything and to tell you the truth I think Im gonna have to take him to the vet to get an IV cause he is dehydrated. He's not sick, I think he's just lonely! I wouldn't want another furbaby to get FIP, but then again I really dont understand how the corona virus mutated either.
What are my risks of FIP if I get another kitty too soon?

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I don't know enough about FIP to help you any. But if the vet said to wait 8 weeks, then you might have to?

I would call the vet to find out if there's anything you can do for BooBoo. Have you tried a Feliway diffuser?

After a very quick Google search, I found this:

Although the virus can survive for a number of weeks in the environment, it is rapidly inactivated by most household detergents and disinfectants. An inexpensive and effective disinfectant is one part of household bleach in thirty-two parts of water (4 ounces of bleach per gallon of water).
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Hey whats a feliway diffuser???!! Thanks BTW White cat Lover!
Much Appreciated! Maybe if I sanitise good and talk to my vet, maybe we could at least have a visit from one of his friends!
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HAHAHA they wanna give him anti anxiety meds! Should I let em? He said if I sanitise EVERYTHING I can get another one, but I had to be very carefull. I dont know if I should put him on anti anxiety meds. That just doesn't sound right to me. They said he is mourning badly (he lost a pound) and that we need to do something so he's not so lonely. I dunno. I wanna wait the 8 weeks to be on the safe side cuz even if you sanatize everything couldn't booboo still have corona virus too errg. I dont know, maybe Ill take him in instead of just calling them. I dont want to be blindsided by something I could avoid. What ya think? Here he is anyway

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I'd say try a Feliway diffuser first. Here is a link to, it explains what it is.

Hope this helps!

Also if you put the word "Feliway" in the search spot on this site you can find a lot of info. on it.

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I once had a cat who mourned the loss of his "buddy" for several weeks after the buddy died. It wasn't as severe as what you're describing, but I think it was b/c he had other cats to play & be with..

I don't know what to suggest. Considering the fact that I'm dealing w/ the dry form of FIP w/ Geronimo & Winchester now, I guess I'd be all paranoid too about bringing another cat into the house until I knew it was safe. (Heck, I'm doing it NOW, by not allowing myself to adopt any of the strays that we feed!). But if your vet thinks it's safe by disiinfecting everything, then maybe it'll be okay. I'd certainly have the new kitty tested & treated though first, before bringing it into the household, just to be on the safe side.

I don't see any harm in giving your kitty any anxiety meds to help him through his grief - as long as you don't overdo it, or keep him on them for too long. It might actually be a good idea if he's grieving that badly, b/c you can't afford to let him go w/o eating or drinking for very long. If your vet thinks it's a good idea, I would take his advice...

I hope your baby gets to feeling better soon!

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maybe you could get a dog? Do they get FIP?
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I could be completely off base but perhaps a stuffed animal cat might help alittle?

We have a 13 almost 14 week old kitten who was found as a stray (at about 10 weeks). Obviously he didn't get quite the socialization from litter mates so I have found that he likes wrestling with a couple small stuffed animal I had lying around. Actually one is a "husband" vodoo doll my sister got me as a goofy bachelorette gift. It's kinda funny to watch him tackle the vodoo who "represents" my husband.

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I this point Ill try anything! I wish I could record him screaming cuz it would break your hearts! Its the worst thing Ive seen since the FIP.

No dogs cant get FIP although they can get the corona virus. From my research, 90% of all animals will be exposed to the corona virus. (kinda scary huh?) But only cats can mutate it into FIP (feline infectous paritanitis)

I will try the stuffed animal thing at this point and Im looking into everything else. I just want to make sure I have my facts straight before I do anything drastic! I cant handle losing this one too. He's been through alot already! (he lost 4 friends in 2 years)

Thanks guys for all the help and feel free to keep up with the advice!
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Definately try the Feliway diffuser.... I'd be leery to adopt another & risk it at this point. Only because BooBoo & you wouldn't do well loosing another friend should they be exposed & get FIP.
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Hmmm, That feliway diffuser is ahhh, kinda dangerous with kids huh??? It says you cant spray it anywheres near a child but that its safe when dried. Anyone know how long it takes for it to dry??
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I don't have kids so I know nothing about Feliway & kids....but I plug in the diffuser & run it 24/7 when they're stressed. Do you have a link to where it says not to spray near kids?
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Ya I do have a link where it says not to use it near kids! I was like, Uhhh that sucks! It sounds really nice, I think he would like it but now Im nervous, the site is

I hope that it dries fast cuz I wanna try it!
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I think the kids warning applies to the spray only. But, I'm not 100% sure? Ethanol is used to make sprays fast drying, so I don't think it'd be used in the diffuser.
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You don't need the spray, try the diffuser that you plug in the wall. That way it's running 24/7 and it doesn't have the ethanol I don't think.
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Thats what Im going to get. I have also decided to wait some time before getting another kitty. I am crying right now and I think I need to wait till Im done mourning before I get another one. THis way, me and booboo can mourn together
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He's getting better everyone! He almost ate a whole can of soft food today and the screaming has stopped! I think he was just sad, but he's doing better today so thats good. At least he's eating and drinking again and that terrible, horrifying screaming has stopped! YEY!!!
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That's good news. I recently lost a cat and my female that was left seemed sad but continued to eat and be herself. It's amazing how they are all so different.
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Thats what Im going to get. I have also decided to wait some time before getting another kitty. I am crying right now and I think I need to wait till Im done mourning before I get another one. THis way, me and booboo can mourn together
That's probably a good idea to wait: not only b/c you both need time to grieve your loss, but also b/c I think that the kitty you now have may not take too kindly to a new kitty just yet. He's still hurting & grieving, and is probably on edge. Once he recovers, I think he'll adapt more to having a new playmate. Plus, I also think it would be wise to wait till you're sure the FIP germs are gone..

I'm glad to hear that your furbaby is eating & drinking again! It sounds as if he's on his way to getting over his grief.

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I took Booboo to the vet today, they did a chemistry, a cbc and a corona test. The only thing that is wrong is his BUM level is a little high (33 instead of 15-30) they said that is do to him not eating as well and the anxiety. They gave me some meds for his anxiety.


Vet also said it is safe to bring in another kitty, the risk is the same no matter what, and since booboo doesn't have the corona virus it would be a slim to none chance

Still might wait a little while though, I miss my Glitch
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Well BooBoo had bad day today. He once again doesn't want to eat or drink and drink and they're getting worried about him. All levels except BUM are fine! He just isn't taking the mourning process very well. Neither am I for that matter I just would like him to eat and drink. He's so tired all the time, bored from not having someone to pick on and its heartbreaking. I dont know what to do. Any Advice??
Thank you Amber
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Poor BooBoo, it is heartbreaking to hear one cat mourn for his friend, Hissy always said that you should sit down with him and just talk to him, and tell him what happened. To be perfectly homest, I thought it was silly until I tried it. When we lost Fred to FIV at 18 years old, all my kitties were greiving, and I did that. I could not believe it when it actually helped. He had raised all the kittens that ever came into the house, and "mothered" them until he grew too ill and had to be pts.
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I have talked to my Booboo, she told me the same thing a low and behold!
I did bring a new kitten into the house today and you should have seen it everyone! Ive seen so many people talk of their babies hissing at each other! Not mine, my 7 year old Booboo walks right up to Eek and starts grooming him!! It was love at first sight!! Heres a Pic of Eek!

What do you think?
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Yay! I'm so glad to hear this!! I'm really hoping Boo Boo will take a great turn for the better!
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I am too! Maybe he just needs to feel like he's taking care of something! He's showing Eek the ropes right now! Where to go, where not to go, where to sleep, where HE'S gonna sleep! LOL He's just the shortest, cutest little thing!
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omg that is the most adorable thing EVER.

thank god kitty is doing better... sounds like he really just needed a friend
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Ya I think he just needed a friend also! He's doing so much better! I think because he's so small he felt like he needed to be his daddy ands its too cute!
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First of all, I want you to know I'm sorry for the loss of Glitch! Girl. I know how you feel, my GiGi has been MIA since Oct. 23 and I can't get over it, and I thought just a bit ago, my Spooky, whom looks just like your BooBoo, was gone also!!I thought he might have been out looking for her! He took her in just like BooBoo is taking up with Eek! I also lost Scream 1 1/2 yrs ago! Spook loved Scream too when she was a babe! She came out Screamin'! Anyway, how did Glitch get this virus? I have missed out on what has happened, if it is too painful to talk about then I understand! I never go to the bridge forum anymore because I was greiving everyone's cats, and for them too, I got too sad!!! and I couldn't shake it, cause I started thinking that something was going to happen to one of mine, and sure enough it did! So I apologize for not knowing! Your new baby is sooo cute!!! I am so glad BooBoo is doing so much better!!! Yeah!Poor baby! Sounds so much like my Spook, he took "G" in just like he were her mama!!Wishing you the best luck, hope everyone's going to be fine!!!
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Awww - isn't he precious!

I'm glad to hear that Boo Boo is adjusting well to his new pal, and is happy again! It sounds as if getting another kitty is just what the doctor ordered!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will go all right, and that neither of the furbabies picks up the FIP.

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