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Patches is sad.......What can I do for her?

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Hello Group,

As all of you do, I love my kitties so very much. Patches and I are so attached, and it's very hard on me to see her sad. I'll explain. We just moved to a new home about a month ago. In our previous home we had 3 kitties. Patches, Pesty, and another male. The other male passed away shortly before we moved. Patches and the other male were so very close, they'd been together since we had bought our old home, about 6 1/2 years.

Pesty and Patches are like night and day different, they just clash. Patches wants to snuggle and groom, and all Pesty wants to do is be left alone, and fight. If Patches tries to groom him, Pesty ends up fighting with her.

Patches has become so sad, she meows alot to me, is very clingy, and I often find her licking a mirror in my office. I've assumed she thinks it's another kitty that she is grooming??? I try very hard to pay extra special attention to her, and she always gets to set on my lap at night when we watch tv, but I work from home, and am quite busy this time of year.

I would consider adding a third kitty again in a heart beat, but I have issues with doing so, and my husband would prefer I not. The kitty we lost was a terrible "marker", and we always had issues with him peeing on the floor. I was always cleaning up after him. We have a much nicer home now vs. the old farm home we had, and my husband is very concerned about marking again, and said I'd have to get rid of my kitties if it started again. I'm not sure what to do here? If I bring in another kitty, someone starts marking, and then it jeopordizes my current two kitties home.

Will she eventually learn to accept the way it is? Will Pesty eventually grow out of his behavior, he is only about a year old, though I'm not quite sure, he was a "drop off" that we just assumed was about 6 months old when he was dropped off.

Thank you for any help and suggestions you can offer!

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Well its great of you to worry so much about your kitties. I hope the sadness passes and I think it is probably just mourning the loss of his beloved friend. I would get another kitty except as you said you wouldn't want to risk the home you've given for the two you have. Is there a way you could fix it bwfore it started to spray? That worked with mine! I also had a little girl that marked all the time! (I think thats wierd, not sure though) I hope he snaps out of it soon!

Sending Good luck your Way!

Ill Pray, Im good at that!
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The male that was marking/peeing, was neutered. I had worked closely with my vet, tried some things, but in the end he said some males are just like that.

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Ya, I had a Girl who marked all the time. I dont know whats up with that really! If you worked with your vet on it, you've probably done it all. Theres no guarentee a cats gonna do that, but theres no gurentee their not either!
As for your other one, I hope the saddness goes away, maybe she's just lonely.
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