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TheCatSite.com Shirts and Mugs!

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Check out this link:


You can now buy special TheCatSite.com Shirts and mugs. Please let me know what you think about the design and the price range.

If you're looking for a unique design featuring your cat - just let me know!

Thanks alexnell for pointing me in their direction!
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Anne; I am so glad to see you get this up and running so fast!
I now you worked hard all nite to make it happen. . . . .Hope we sell tons of stuff. If each member (active ones who have turned to this site and gotten helpful advice or encouragement) would buy just one item it could really help us stay afloat and maybe be able to add some of the things we want like the photos album or the chat room. I know each addition to a site requires more power servers which cost more money!!! Let's go guys. I have my eye on a couple of things I want to get.
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Thanks TLK! You should be getting shares in this shop Thanks for giving me that push and making me go ahead with that!
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Anne, how wonderful!! I will be buying something just as soon as I can. The prices are pretty competative. What is going to be involved with personalizing them?
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I bought the big mug so I don't have to get up as often for refills. The kitty on the design looks like Mr. Alex but without the gray spot.
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Yeah! A first sale! Thanks Alex!

As for personalized products. I thought that if people wanted to I could do the design with whatever they like on it. Say, put their cat in the middle instead of the white cat. I would charge an additional 4$ for this (for mugs or shirts, as it involves some Photoshop work to get a good quality print.

For a different design altogether - say someone wants a shirt with their cattery's logo and some other text and colors etc., I would charge an additional 30$ per shirt design and additional 25$ per mug design, as each design takes about 2 hours to make (and you need to have totally different ones for mugs vs. shirts). I will give a 5$ discount on this rate if I can add a line that says "visit TheCatSite.com" though. These are prices if you buy one item. I can lower the prices quite a bit for larger orders.

If anyone's interested, just email me.
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Anne, that is awsome!! I will probably figure out what I want to do and e mail you. I told rene about this as well. I am going to figure it out and order a few. Id like to wear them to cat shows. I cant think of a better place to get you some buisness.
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What a great idea!!!!!!!! I really want one of those T-shirts, I may buy one now, then order one later when I get a pic of Merlin to put on it!
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I was "talking" about it in a webmasters forum yesterday. Just thought I'd add that everyone that got one of their products were very pleased. They said the quality was really good and the delivery fast. Apparently CafePress is becoming very popular among web sites owners.

Thanks again Alex for letting me know about them!
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I ordered one of the ash-gray T-shirts. I've a zillion coffee mugs, but I need more T-shirts with summer on its way! Thanks for offering those items. How about putting a pitch on the home page?

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Thanks Mr Cat! You'll be the first person in the whole world to have a TCS T-shirt!

I will put something up on the first page when I get the time - so much work!!!
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My mug came in the mail today ! I love it ! The graphic is really well executed. Good detail on the kitty's face. Nell has already tried to drink out of it.
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
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