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It's not over

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I got a call from the vet who did Ziggy's biopsy today... I really don't have the strength or will to write it again so I am posting a link to Ziggy's myspace blog where I wrote about it.
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I don't have a myspace account to read it, but I'm going to assume the news was not good. to you
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it's a public entry but just incase non-members can't read it I'll copy and paste it here... just keep in mind it's not really altered from myspace so if some parts don't seem to make sense thats why:


it’s not over - from Ziggy’s care givers

I was going to delete Ziggy's myspace profile shortly after his surgery was over and done with, simply because I created this for him to get support from people if not donations, moral support and possibly a story or two from people who have been through the same with their pets.

I was so sure the story would end with the surgery and that would be the hardest part. and I wouldn't need the support after it was over, I only kept the page open to give those who were so wonderful updates on Ziggy's progress.

However, today I recieved a call from the Vet who did the biopsy on Ziggy's eye. he said he can't be sure, but there is a possibility that the cancer spread outside of the eye. I never imagined that this would happen, because we caught the cancer so early and we, including my vet, were so sure that it was so extremely early that the possibility of spreading was slim to none.

I'm not exactly sure what is going to happen now. Tomorrow Ziggy goes in to get his stitches out and the Dr. told me he would be there with the eye specialist to explain everything to me in greater detail and what needs to be done from here.

Therefore, I am leaving Ziggy's myspace active, and I am going to put the donation button back on the page. I really really need advice and moral support though. people who work with animals, know more about them than I do, and most of all support from people who have had animals with this type of cancer. (Iris Melanoma - skin cancer in the eye).

I would like to thank all of my friends, and every one else who has added Ziggy you all have been wonderful so far. I ask you this one favor now, if you would share Ziggy's story with your friends lists and link them over here, because out of all those people who may read his story someone has to have the expierence, or the words that we will need to hear to get us through this. and please, keep Ziggy on your top friends, if you have me as a top friend, please switch me out for Ziggy. I want him to be known by everyone, because he is the sweetest cat in the world and I would do and give everything to save him. I didn't rescue him from that warehouse at four weeks old just to have him get sick and die on me two years later. I plan for Ziggy to have a very long and very happy life, where he will one day meet my children.

Thank you
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I am so sorry to hear about Ziggy's cancer. I sure hope the vet can find a way to stop the cancer, and put Ziggy into remisssion. Many blessings & vibes are being sent your way,

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Sorry about The Vet thinking it may have spread but he's not totally sure so there is still hope...Ziggy sounds like a fighter..many prayers and vibes everything turns out okay
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I read Ziggys story when I saw the Birthday thread with his cone on. Like Helen said there is still hope. Sending many prayers for you and Ziggy
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Sorry to hear about Ziggy, you are in my thoughts, cancer is hard we have been there, and are currently waiting the results of a biopsy pickles had on Thursday. My prayers are with you.
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Sending lots and lots of good vibes to Ziggy
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Brie, I don't know if you'll find me helpful or not. My cat had ocular sarcoma, a different (and very agressive, apparently) cancer of the eye. I was reluctant to write to you, as his story didn't have a happy ending - but if I can answer any questions about the little I know about cat chemo, etc., please ask. Again, it was a very different cancer.
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I will be praying for you and your Kitty!!
Hugs and love for you

Prayers and love for your kitty!
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