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Question of the Day - November 20th

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Early yesterday, late today

do you take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner?
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No I do not.
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We relax after eating Thanksgiving dinner although Hubby will probably nap after the Packer/Lion Game.
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With or without holiday I would love to take a NAP!......
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Sometimes! Depends where we spend the holiday. My Aunt's little house is so full of people there is nowhere to nap, and at my parent's we've had late Thanksgiving Dinners, so no time to nap there. Now this year may be a good napping Thanksgiving!
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Not usually. We usually play games. But I'll be alone this Thanksgiving for the first time ever. Just me and Ari and the cats. I dont know what Im gonna do.
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Who needs a holiday?
I live for naps!
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nope, there's never any time- our family is soo huge and active- there's always something to do
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Nope, there are dishes to be done. (thinks about having turkey, and wishes it was Canadian thanksgiving again...)
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Nope, I drive home after Thanksgiving dinner We have it at my sisters place.
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Nope, usually after we eat we just go right back outside to work on one of the cars!
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Nope! We play games all day long and snack and snack and play and snack and play and snack and snack! I love it!
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No, I do not.
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Nope I just finish eating and then begins the long process of cleaning up after everyone and then if we have time we play a game or something.
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I'd usually like to, but never do. I always have to work the next day, and it would mess up my sleep cycle and I'd be exhausted.
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I always do but probably not this year as I have to go help run dogs at the shelter after we eat.
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Not usually, no. I'm not a napper.
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