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Digestive enzymes

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Does anyone have any intereseting stories relating to digestive enzymes given to pets and taken personally? And if your story is positive, which brand would you recommend?
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It's probably worth elaborating a bit on what you mean by a "digestive enzyme". People who give supplements for the purpose of aiding digestion may not be aware that the supplements may contain any or all of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.
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I'd just like stories of people or pets just taking digestive enzymes. I guess I won't get many replies as most will also take or give pre and probiotics.
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Gigi takes solaray super digestaway with her probiotics and pre biotics
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I just started feeding the Eagle Pack Holistic to all 4 in an effort to get Max's loose stool issue settled. I have to give it to all 4 to make sure that Max gets it, as he is helping himself to everyone's dishes.

I feed dry kibble that already has probiotics in it anyway. I tried giving him Bene Bac that I successfully used to treat Ferris ages ago, but Max wasn't having it.

Max's issues are simply transitional, as I just adopted him two weeks ago. I don't care which works, the enzymes or the probiotics, as long as it does the trick and allows him to absorb nutrients properly.
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HOPE River doesnt mind my hyjacking a bit

BUT I think it is time to explain PREBIOTICS , PROBIOTICS , digestive Enzymes

Prebiotics= the stuff to aid bacterial colonization( the good stuff in the guts or intestines) , often also a source of fiber( gentle ) ....
examples are ... beet bulp( sugar removed), apple pectin , slippery elm , chicory root

Probiotic s = GOOD bacteria in the intestines( or gut )... many think of just acidopholis but this is a group of many major and many minor bacteria .... l. acidopholis, bidophilis , casei , longum

Digestive enzymes are well enzymes but unlike the other two which all work synergistically... Enzymes are specialized to what they help digest ...

lactase digests lactose

cellulase digests cellulose ( ie I dont use cat food s with this in it since the foods have to much indigestable fiber....

other enzymes work with organs to digest fats ( the bile containing ones ) or proteins

pepsin works on proteins

Many enzyme supplements also have herbs that work synergistacally with the enzymes for digestion///
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No problem, thanks for clarifying.
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There's an article on littlebigcat about using digestive enzymes to eliminate giardia:
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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
There's an article on littlebigcat about using digestive enzymes to eliminate giardia:
good article .. I use with Gigi who is canine( sheesh dont tell her)... approx 1/8th of a cap per day with food
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I used that protocol with Rocket when he had coccidia. First, a course of Albon, and then the digestive enzymes. Cleared those nasty bugs right out of there.
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My vet recommended Prozyme along with Jarro-dophilus plus FOS. I swear by the stuff for loose stools. Its worked every time.
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After reading a bit on digestive enzymes, my hopes are high that it'll help both me and my cats.
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I give my dog Nzymes.
She has allergy issues and I really think they have helped her out a lot!! Her seasonal allergies used to be awful, but this past summer we only had one major flare-up, not a whole summer of issues like before using Nzymes. I definitely attribute this improvement to the Nzymes.
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