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canned food;any suggestions

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I feed my cat a top brand dry food but friskies canned. I would like to feed a better brand of canned food. something not too expensive because tbird dosent like some canned foods once its been opened and refrigerated so i waste a lot of food.(if it comes in small cans all the better)All so i have the only cat in the world who does not like tuna or fish flavors.the last time i tried a beter food, it all smelled like tuna, the chicken and beef, all the flavors. i figure it must be an added flavor or a lessor ingredient. so i have to ask all you nice cat fanatics to do something silly, next time you feed your cats, give the can a good whiff! does the chinken smell like chicken? thats what i need. thank you.
PS.i have several large pet stores in my area; petco, etc.
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Even though Fancy Feast is by Frisky's, I still think it's an 'alright' food and most cats will diet for it! And yes it comes in small cats, and generally has a lot of meat ingredients, thought it does have by-prouducts, I kind of frown on that sometimes.
Now I have not extensively studied ALL of these wet foods, some I'm just listing these by taking a quick glance at the ingredients or by what I have fed and know about.
All these foods can be found at Petco, Petsmart, PetFood Direct and other various sources.

Nature Balance (but I think it's only in big cans, but a great food.)
Natures Recipie (also only in a big can I think.)
Nutro Maxx/Natural (Good food, and I think they Do come in small cans!)
Pro Plan
Old Mother Hubbard (mostly by-products)
Triumph (Mostly by-products)
Wysong (Very good food!)
Iams (Sigh... alright food... overly expensive, they do animal testing). I normally wouldn't even put this IN the list cause I don't consider it a source of food anymore, but I wanted to mention the animal testing incase you didnt know.
Authority (which I think comes in small cans too.)
Active Life
Boulder Creek Farms
Eagle Pack
Halo Spots Stew
Lick Your Chops
Natures Variety (Freeze Dried food)
Pet Guard
Pro Pac
Sensible Choice

The quick rules of buying wet food!

1.) Buy a food that does NOT start with water/water sufficiant for processing
2.) Try to stay away from foods with "by-products" in it.
3.) The more "all natural" ingredients, tends to be better at most times.
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I feed my cats Solid Gold dry food and Nutro Max wet food! Nutro has so many wet food flavors out there. My favorites are Savory Hunter's Stew with Venison and Savory Hunter's Stew with Duck! My cats go bonkers when I lift the top off the can! Nutro Max wet food is fairly low priced! Here in Canada it's $0.49 for a small can, $0.69 for the medium can and $1.29 for the largest can.

If you take a good whiff of Nutro wet food, it smells like what is in it! Like for instance, Seafood and Tomato Bisque smells like shrimp and tomatos!

Here are the flavors of food Nutro Max has.

California Chicken Supreme

Lamb & Turkey Cutlets

Seafood & Tomato Bisque

Salmon & Whitefish Entrée

Savory Hunter's Stew with Duck

Savory Hunter's Stew with Venison

Turkey & Chicken Liver Sauté

Veal Paté

Beef & Egg Skillet.
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I feed my cat 9 lives....but here in Florida it
can get expensive. I pay 50 cents a can for it
but my cat absolutely loves it! My suggestion
would be to try 9 lives.
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=O 50 cents is waaaayy to much for what is actually in that food.
Lots of cats love the lower grade wet foods because they are stinkier, it's like cat candy.
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I feed my cats NutroMax dry with some wet mixed in. However, they don't seem to like the regular NutroMax ("Gourmet") canned food (the kind that comes in the little cans). They do, however, like the Nutro Natural (which only comes in the bigger cans -- at least that's all I've found). I try to take it out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before meal time so it's not quite so cold. (I wish Nutro Natural came in smaller cans too.)
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thank you all for your advice. I havent tried the nutro yet, but i know i can buy it here, i might try that next. I tried the Felidae yesterday, that was a no go. he ate it good for the morning meal. Did not for the evening meal. It sat out all night. I know that when feeding dry food; when you move from a grain based cheeper food to a premium brand the cat eats less of it because it is denser. Could it be the same with canned?
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It can be the same with canned yes.

If you put down a big can, how much of it is he eating, maybe he gets full off of one big can, vrs 2 little cans.
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I have four cats, three of which eat the nutro max wet food. the other one will absiolutely NOT eatr wet food no matter what! she is very finicky. so I open a can of food each am and split it among the three of them and strangely enough they will lick off the gravy and leave the rrest. a little while later they will come back for the rest, I guess they aren't awake enough to eat the actual food that early in the am, LOL!
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thank all you wonderful cat people for your help. let me add a little to my story. Tbird eats one regular sized can of friskies a day. half in the morning half at night. not all at one sitting but periodicaly throught the day. The friskies he will eat the whole can. But all the good premium brands i have tried, he will eat normally the first meal, the the second helping seems to end up in the garbage. Thats why i thought the smaller cans might help the situation. But the main point is to get him on a better food. Its just hard to buy a $1 can and toss half of it out. And now that Barb mentioned it he does seem to favor the chunks in gray over the ground pate stuff. And most of the better foods seem to be ground. thank you all again so much.
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I didn't notice anyone mention it here, but Nutro Natural Choice wet food now comes in little pouches as well as cans. I believe it goes for about $0.50 (I saw it in Petsmart) per pouch, and I do know that at least some of them have chunks of meat in gravy.


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Jgaruba: Well I moved away from the city, and haven't been to a petsmart or petco in months! So I wasn't aware they had them in pouches yet. I think that stuff is cool. All the cats I've had LOVE the chuncky gravey pouch style. I wish all brands would do that.
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I did a double-take myself when I saw the pouches and bought them really for their cool factor. :tounge2: Spike only gets wet food as a treat, so I don't actually buy much of the stuff, but I couldn't pass up a chance to let him try it. He mostly just licked the gravy off the meat, just like he does with the canned food. Silly little guy.
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Thanks!! I hadn't see the pouches yet. I'll have to look for them next time I go to the store (I usually buy a whole case of cans at a time so it's been a while).
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Thanks too for all the helpful advice. I am going to try some of the wet foods from either Solid Gold or Nutro. My cats only eat 1 small can a day and they are not overweight at all so I don't think it is doing them any harm. I do keep a feeder of dry food out for them so that when they get hungry they usually eat that.


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I love the Nutro wet food. I occasionally feed my cats Nutro Complete Care wet food to go with the dry stuff. However, I really love the Eagle Pack wet foods. No mysterious ingredients, just good quality.
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