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So my little kitten Jack who is about 14 weeks old now has been with us for 3 weeks. He became very attached to my husband--but definitely gives love to both of us.

Well my husband had to go out of town and has been gone since Friday night--my baby Jack comes to where I am and sits and meows (this has usually meant pick me up) so I pick him up and love on him kiss him talk to him, then I sit him down and he sits and meows.

Does he realize "daddy" isn't here? For some reason I feel like he is sensing it. Poor thing won't get to see my husband until Friday...

By the way he is a very vocal kitten--today he sat next to the dresser and meowed until I picked him up and sat him on the dresser (the jump is still a little too high for him)--he laid down, meowed once then rolled over and took a nap.

Thanks, Leslie
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Yes he is probably missing Daddy. Getting another kitten for him to play with could help a lot.
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Sounds like he has you trained well
I also suggest getting him a buddy.
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Another kitten isn't a possibility--Jack has already been a financial struggle (but he was a stray and we couldnt leave him or take him to a shelter to be killed). We love him like he was our first child.

Daddy came home and Jack was very happy to see him!

Oh and yes he knows how to play us with the meowing. Like I said he is very vocal--and it is completely precious (I hope it stays).

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Maybe when daddy is gone he could call on the phone and you could put the phone to his ear! Otherwise bring out some pics of him so that he can atleast see him! If you keep giving him the attention that you're giving him you wont have a problem though, he will soon be your kitty!
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Luckily daddy doesnt go away often! Jack is working the meowing better than ever--he knows how to get what he wants.

On Wednesday we will have had Jack for four weeks!

Thanks for the advice everyone!

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