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Long-term effects on antibiotics on kittens?

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I'm looking for reliable info on the long term effects on anti-biotics in kittens.

PJ & Punky have been on an array of meds since they were 4 weeks old including:

They've had this stupid eye thing going on....where their eyes are weepy on & off. PJ always had it worst. Now Punky's eyes are snotty.

I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to start Punky on Clavamox or let nature run it's course? I've considered Lysine, but when they were on it before it made little to no difference. Punky sure doesn't act sick, acts normal as though this isn't hindering him at all.

I was also wondering if the fact that they were born in a cage & exposed to so much is affecting them....in addition to the fact that the anti-biotics screwed with the way their immune systems developed?
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Worm and Jake have that weepy eye thing. Usually it's just clear liquid but sometimes it has a slight color. No medication has helped it so I've just let it go. For them I think it's because they never had mothers milk (bottle babies from day 1). My Moms cat, Butters, has a weepy left eye. It leaks...a lot. But he's healthy, too.

As for long term meds, the vet we had for (RB) Possum told me that we could have him on meds for so long before the meds had no more effect. He was on amoxi, tetratricyclene (sp), and something else. The amoxi never seemed to work no matter how much he got, the tetra worked for so long then it crapped out. He was on Doxi for about a week and it worked well for his URI. Seemed to clear the URI up in that week.

I hope that PJ and Punkys eye gunk isn't anything serious. Good luck with finding reliable info.
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I cant give you a kitten only answer ... I can tell you an antibiotic overdose nearly killed me when i was younger ... and I have been a mess medically since ... my only advice is probiotic s and pre biotics to help keep or intiate good bacteria levels
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Tennessee has weepy eyes and has since I got him. We treated him for about 3 months straight before we finally stopped giving him meds because it wasnt helping and he didnt act sick.

The past month or so his left eye has stopped weeping the other one looks like hes crying all the time but I love him.
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I know that tetracyclines cause enamel hypoplasia of the teeth, and Baytril can cause blindness. I'd have to look the others up to know their side effects.

Has your vet done endoscopy or culture and sensitivity?? Thats the usual treatment for a non-responsive infection...
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They're the shelter's kitties....so nothing much done as far as vet check-ups. No way to pay for them.
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Maybe your kittens are allergic to something in their food and this is causing the weepy eye? My kittens have always been fine eye-wise; but my dog had very gunky eyes before I switched him to Orijen, I think he was allergic to the wheat in his other dog food. His eyes are perfect again ever since the first week of being on it. He had a very bad discharge for a few days at one stage and quite a lot of gunk build up the rest of the time.
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