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What does your cat like to sleep on?

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Just a curious poll. What does your cat like to sleep on? Firm, soft, pillowy or hard floor? They're like us when it comes to choosing their beds.
I've noticed that Tiger like to sleep on the tile, glass table and anything else hard more than a soft bed.
Angel on the other hand likes to sleep on things that are soft but with texture, like a woven blanket or towel.
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Since I have so many cats, I voted in all categories except hard flooring. Everyone loves sleeping somewhere soft (or on my lap!) but I have noticed that some prefer to lay on the mattress and some prefer to lay on the pillows or curled up in the blankets.
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If Twitch can put her bum on it, then it's a bed.
Lily likes fleece.
Damita likes a round cat bed to curl up in.
PJ & Punky like inside the sleeping bag.
Dorian likes a person to lay on.
Ophelia likes a thick comforter.
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Limerick sleeps on the floor, the big chair, the computer chair, our bed and my lap... pretty much anywhere.
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Enzo's favorite thing to lay on is freshly out of the dryer clothes. It makes me so made because the dryer takes all the hair off, then he lays on them! I've found out that it must be the laundry soap I use, because he just loves anything that has been through the washer.
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Mooch likes to sleep on my chest! But if I'm sitting upright my lap will do! Otherwise she likes to sleep in the pile of throw blankets we keep in the living room. Noodles likes similar places, though she sleeps in a little box I keep on my desk just for her most evenings.
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... Me, mostly.

Though anything else will do if he must suffer it.
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Magrat like to sleep on our chess board which is under a lamp or on top of our leather sofa or your head when we take her upstairs. Loki likes to sleep in the cat bed (pink!) which we bought for Mags. Mogget under the recliner in the dark.
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Practically all the above!!

Patches and now Luna has taken a liking to pillows (the corduroy in particular) and the cat tree (but not together)

Beauty likes the little foam bed (although once I have $$ I'm going to get her a larger one with a heating pad)

Whitey just prefers the floor or his cat tree.
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my cats HUGE huge as a chair , ( hes nowergian and I cant find out how to post pics ..he sits on my printer as he hanging over the side and they seem to like laying under the woodstove and im always checking on them while under there, boxes he cant fit in and my linens over my washer!! hey its almost his home but i love him
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Hmm.... Frankie lately seems to like plastic bags! My husband uses grocery bags to take stuff to work (lunch and things) and he'll set them empty on the couch when he gets home. She loves lying on them. She also likes to sleep on the kitchen rug. Wickett likes to curl up on the couch against us but not on us or on the floor in front of the couch. We also have an ottoman that they both sleep on frequently.
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It's usually me they like to sleep on, but a fluffy bed is what they like when mums not there
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Most of our cats love to sleep on nice soft pillowly fluffy stuff
We only have 2 - 3 cats that like to take naps on our laps but the others would rather sleep alone...
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Frisco likes to sleep anywhere! The floor, the bed, tote box, corner shelf or the couch. Sometimes even my lap.
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Ummm, everywhere?? Abby sleeps on the kitchen floor, the rugs, chairs, couches, her beds our beds. Pretty much anywhere but my lap.
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The question is what does gizmo NOT like to sleep on. He'll sleep on pretty much anything and anywhere. The coffee table, my dresser, the bed, my computer chair, the tv/dvd player, the printer, the top of the cabinets, onto of the toilet seat and on rare occasions he might actually sleep in his nice, soft bed.
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Skye and Sundance like soft things to sleep on. Calamity sleeps either on the hardwood floors or on the dresser.
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Beauty sleeps on either the settee or the kitchen chair.
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Miagi likes to sleep anywhere. especially on our velvety blankets. Tiger usually LOVES to sleep on my head at night or behind the couch in my parents room.
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Sho likes to sleep on DH's side of the bed or on the cat bed in the window. Tomas likes to sleep on my chest or shoulder.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Sho likes to sleep on DH's side of the bed or on the cat bed in the window.
Aw, we have a little bed spot for Angel next to me on our king sized bed too and she'll sleep there only when I'm in bed.
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They both love to sleep on our comforters
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It depends on whether it's during the day or night.
Biscuit likes sleeping on the bed completely stretched out as far as possible [she looks like a rug when she does this] to make it as difficult as possible for her slaves to lie down,she also likes to sleep on knees or squashed under radiators.
Goldiecat likes to sleep the laptop when it's in it's bag [no chance of it being stolen with an attack cat like her on it],she also likes to lie ontop of people up close to their face,and dribbles into their face,purring all night.
Samianther sleeps only in an 'xbox box',which has blankets in,she likes it up close to the fire so she can fire gaze for a while,or up against radiator.
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Different places I guess. Sox likes to sleep on our laps or if we are laying down on one of our shoulders. She also has a fleece blanket I keep on the couch she is always sleeping on. But also on our bed. Wesley likes to sleep on our bed or in the closet believe it or not! It seems like the closet is his favorite spot, but at night he sometimes likes to sleep ontop of me.
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
Aw, we have a little bed spot for Angel next to me on our king sized bed too and she'll sleep there only when I'm in bed.
Oh it's not me he likes being near. Since I got Tomas, Sho has become more of my husband's cat. Sho goes to him when he wants to be held, fed, petted, and prefers DH's side of the bed because of scent.
When Tomas sleeps on the bed without me in it, he sleeps on my side.

Does anyone else have a cat that prefers the other spouse or SO, and prefers that person's side of the bed, worn clothes, chair, or lap for their naps?
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Jack sleeps either on the corner of the love seat or on the bed right up against my back. If I roll over, he moves so he can be in his usual position. He never chooses to lie on the pillows or anything else that is very, very soft.
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Pixie sleeps everywhere. Generally on the floor, doesn't matter if it's the carpeting or linoleum...except when it's on the bottom shelves of the coffee tables / end tables. As long as it's in the same room the no-furs (humans) are in, she's happy. Now at night time...she's really funny. If I'm home alone she'll sleep in the bed with me, at the foot of the bed. If hubby is home, she'll sleep on the floor, down near the foot of the bed. Don't have a clue why she won't sleep in the bed if he's in it - he's never kicked her out of bed...and otherwise, she likes him. Her only specific seems to be a kind of "out of the way" place - against the wall, under a table, close up to the furniture.
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Jamie loves anything fleecy to sleep on or under, though I usually wake up in the morning to find him sleeping on top of me.
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I had to go for two. Links loves to sleep on me, but Lexi likes to sleep on the hard floor under the dining table. Occasionally she will sleep in her cat bed, and Links will join her. Lexi isn't the most social of cats, but if I bring her up with me, then she will stay for some petting but never go to sleep.
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Sash loves to sleep on mommy. He also enjoys sleeping on the carpet in the bright sun everyday. He loves his kitty beds too, but I haven't gotten them out yet. Right now he's very comfy on the back of the sofa. He changes sleeping spots all the time.
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