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Vibes please for Crittermom (Tammy) and her son Seth

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Tammy is having alot of trouble with Seth again these days. He is very sick. She emailed me about all of this and is beside herself with worry.

TCS vibes worked so well for Seth last time, that she wanted to ask for them again.

He has Pneumonia again in his right lung.The one that he had the surgery on. So far, it's not too bad--the size of a jumbo egg. But, it can turn into alot worse and that is why she needs vibes for him.

She took him to the Drs on Oct. 31, he had an ear infection then, and was put on Amox (antibiotic) for 10 days. She then took him to the ER on Monday Nov. 13.They found out that he had Bronchitis and was given Keflex for 10 days.
He got worse, so she took him back to the ER Nov. 15. After blood work,which showed nothing-they did x-rays, and that is when they found the spot of Pneumonia.

He is on Amox and Biaxin for 10 days. If those 2 antibiotics don't work, they will have no other choice but to put him back into the Hospital.That is one of the biggest fears for Tammy and Shawn. As they don't know what the outcome will be, if there ever is a need for him to be hospitalized again.

(they have taken all of the precautions that they were told to--he got the flu shot,the pneumonia shot, among other things.)

I am asking that members PLEASE add him to their prayers and send vibes
his way. That he will get well, and that he will once again SOON be a normal
healthy little boy.

I really appreciate it and Tammy appreciates it. She has been so busy or she would have posted this herself..And maybe as soon as things slow down, she will be around more often

Thanks guys.
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Many and heart felt prayers being sent their way.
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Lots of Healing Vibes for Seth.
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hope he is feeling better soon
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Awwww...many prayers for Seth Nat
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All for Seth and Tammy!

I can't imagine what she's going thru!
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Get better soon!
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Many for Tammy & her family! I know she has been going through a tough time lately & would appreciate all the prayers & vibes.
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Sending healing vibes to Seth..
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Oh no! Major vibes for Seth and Tammy.
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I am sending my thoughts and prayers.
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Sending lots of get well vibes for Seth!
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healing vibe for Seth
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Oh no! Poor baby!

For Tammy and Seth!
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I am so sad to read this! When I first joined TCS, Seth was sick and in the hospital. Tammy still sent welcome gifts to everyone. Her kindness and generosity touched my heart.

He is so young to be so, so sick. What he has been through no one should have to suffer, especially not a child.

I am sending lots of healing vibes to little Seth.
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My prayers are with them all again!
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Oh no, that poor little guy... he's already been through so much! All kinds of love and good hopes going to him...
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Lots and lots of vibes headed his way.
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They are in our prayers and thoughts. Hope Seth recovers quickly. and to Tammy and family.
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Healing vibes for Seth. Get well soon!!!
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Sending tons of vibes to them all!
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Karma, DH, and I are sending out prayers and vibes to Seth, Tammy and family.

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I will keep them both in my prayers.
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Sending many prayers for Seth, Tammy and their family.
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Sending thoughts and prayers to Tammy and Seth.

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Adding my prayers for Seth and sending get well
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Sending prayers that he gets better soon.
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Sending many get well vibes to Seth, Tammy and her entire family....
Good better soon!
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We hope little Seth is going to be okay
Unlimited For Seth to get better!
We wish all the best for Seth, Tammy, & their family!
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Many vibes headed their way!
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