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Celebrate with me day!!!!!!

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Okay...it's sunday (laundry day)

I just want to celebrate and make it a fun day!

Over 1000 posts!!!!!! Wooooooohooooooo! I can't believe I made it that far!

Put on your seatbelts everyone....are you ready for 1000 more??????
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You go girl, glad to see you are feeling better.
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Woohoo Ghyslaine!

Its time to party!

Everybody, grab your hat!

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I finally found the rankings:

0-20 posts - kitten

21-100 Young Cat

101-300 Adult Cat

301-700 Alpha Cat

701-1200 Super Cat

1201+ Top Cat

Moderators - Mod Squad
Administrator - Head Cat
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Oh no Mary Anne!!!!!

So, this is a 'false' celebration?????

I'm sorry guys...I was supposed to hit 1201 before celebrating!!!!!!!

Oh well...... I want the yellow hat, the yellow cup and the yellow plate and the......hey! I need cake!!!!! I still feel like celebrating.
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Is your favourite colour yellow too Ghys? I love yellow, its such a happy colour!
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Oh I didnt realise I had made it to top cat! woohoo! How many more posts before I can change my name on the thingy?
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Wooohooo! Double celebration (one pretend one and one legit one!!!!!)

I LOVE yellow.....

I don't know about the name changing thingy....I'm sure someone will have an answer for you.

So....does this mean TWO pieces of cake?????
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1500 posta and you can pick your own title.
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Desperately anticipating the arrival of the cake....

Where are all the magnificent pictures???? I'd post some but....don't know how!
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Yeah for both of you!! Ghys, we are definitely ready for 1000 more posts! Kellye, it won't take you long to get to 1500 and a personalized title!

:flash: :blubturq: :rainbow: :kitty5: :bubbly: :girly2: :girly1:
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I want to change my title! 1500 is way off...


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Way to go, G!!

Did somebody say cake? MMmmmm... What a great idea! Just as long as it doesn't have vegemite filling. I don't have anything against vegemite, mind you. I just think chocolate makes a better filling.

And you look lovely in your yellow hat!

Way to go KIWI!!! You Super Cat, you! 1500 will be here in no time! You can do it!
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Way to go Ghyslaine and Kellye!!!!
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