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Feline Bone Cancer...

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Hi, it's been a long time that I've been away from the forum...just busy with life...have my adult brother and senior mom with health challenges to take care of and the Herd of Kitties, one dog, two ancient horses and I work full time...you've got the picture...

Well, I lost one of my kitties today...Eva Gabor-Blackberry...a darling brown tabby kitty...she was going to be four years old next month...I'd rescued her and sister Zsa Zsa Gabor-Blackberry as @5wk old kittens...they were in shabby condiditon when I got them and rehabbed v/well...she was tested FeLV/FIV negative and was a house cat only...

Eva started limping recently on her left hind leg...the vet did xrays and saw the head of her femur bone was disintegrating, either from an infection or cancer(??!!), we treated aggressively with Clindamycin antibiotic in case it was an infection and another painkiller...today was her re-check and the head of her femur was larger and she'd lost 1/2 lb in 10 days...she seemed perky and I dropped her at the vet clinic on my way to work, a couple hours later, I spoke with the wonderful Dr Valerie over the phone, have known her 12+ years and decided to have Eva put to sleep, Valerie said if infection, it would've reacted to the excellent antibiotic we'd had her on....no improvement, only worse, more edema around enlarged head of femur, no fever and I didn't want her to wait a minute longer like that/not sure of what pain she was in....I usually am always there with my animals at the end, but didn't want Eva to wait for 6 hours until I was off work...

I picked her remains up on my way home tonight and spoke with Valerie...she said whatever kind of tumor it was was very aggressive and I absolutely made the right decision...

Then I went out to the farm and gave my old mare (age 35++) Opal her eye medicine and her bedtime snack....

I've eaten supper and now will go and do my PM cat/critter chores, and most importantly, will find a nice spot and bury my adorable, precious little friend, Eva...so ironic, Eva and Zsa Zsa have always been the picture of robust health..

Anyone have experience with bone cancer in a young cat???

Ellen the Keeper of the Herd
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I have no experience of bone cancer, but my Usva was recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her mouth. She could have days or months. It's good you were able to make the necessary decision for Eva. I myself find it very difficult to judge, when Usva's life is no longer worth living.

Everything best to you and your herd.
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I'm very sorry for you loss ellentheartist. I hope you find a beautiful spot to lay your kitty to rest. RIP
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I am so sorry to hear that you lost your precious furbaby. But I think you did the right thing by ending her suffering if nothing could be done for her. She is resting peacefully now over the rainbow bridge.

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I am so sorry for your loss My Bella had bone cancer that came from the lung cancer, which is unheard of in cats, usually it's the bone first But she was almost 13 when she died
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I buried my Eva beside a lilac bush...fitting as she was so sweet and the blossoms will smell sweetly when in bloom....
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Im soo sorry to hear or your kittys passing. You did the right thing. If they had em on painkillers already you can pretty well assume that it was for the best. Im sorry about your hard decision. I know its not an easy one. RIP
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I'm sorry that you had to make that decision but it was for the best. I'll be thinking of you and the rest of your "family" you mourn the loss of your beloved friend.
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