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Fang is driving me crazy!

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He won't shut up. I follow him to see what he wants and he goes nowhere. I know this is a result of him possible being out for a while the other day, un beknownst to me.
ever since the day I found the door open, he has been a pest, and he is not going out.

I could kill him. SHUTUP!!!!!
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once they get that taste Poseidon did this to me this summer after he scratched a screen out and spent the day outdoors- he wanted back out really really bad
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Uhoh! He will eventually stop meowing someday
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Kiko meows insistently everyday........ he just wants some attention and some loving (hes never been outside).
You may just have to play with Fang for a few days and help him get his mind off of the outside.
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Just be firm and wear ear plugs. He'll eventually stop "asking".

As most of you know, hubby and I have an on-going "disagreement" with him letting Bijou outside. Bijou is a smart kitty - he never cries or begs me to let him outside when we are home alone. As soon as hubby comes home, Bijou starts the wailing to go outside.
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Sibohan was an outdoor kat before I got her, She is very independant and loves the outdoors I take her out at least once a week on her harness to have a once around the property.
Every once in a while she gets it into her head that "hey the dog gets to go out! why not me" and makes a break for the door. She is normally easy to catch she runs out into the laneway and rolls in the sand, then I can scoop her up and bring her inside.
Have you thought about taking Fang for walks?
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Too bad Fang and JC couldn't "meow" to each other JC has escaped on occasion; he longs to live in the wild - last time he was gone for 5 nights and on the evening of day 6, we found him hunting next to a creek out in the wilds Since then, it's been a real struggle to keep him in, esp. since DH has the habit of leaving doors and windows open (JC will find an opening and is strong enough to push out screens). Ah, if only I could afford "Cat Fence"
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Winchester was an outdoor cat when I got him, and after we moved into a new place where I didn't know any of the neighbors, I refused to let him out for fear of what might happen to him. He just about drove us nuts with his whining! He calmed down quite a bit after we got him neutered, but would still occasionally "beg" to go out, or try to sneak out when we opened the door. He could care less about going out, now.

A couple of years ago, I was living in a very small travel-trailer (looong story) and poor Maverick & Gabriel were confined in that small place: I felt so badly for them. The landlord built a fence around the place, so I could at least let them out into the yard to run around a little. What a mistake that was! They got a taste of the great outdoors, and after we moved, I wouldn't let them out anymore, either. They weren't very happy about it - anymore than Winchester was. But they eventually got over it (although they wouldn't hesitate to have their fun if I let them out again!) and eventually quit pestering us once they realized they weren't going to get their way...

Spencer, for some reason, never cared about going out again once my s/o brought him home. I think it's b/c of the abuse he suffered before we got him, and he's so grateful to have a good home that he's purr-fectly content to be an indoor kitty. I think he remembers the horrors he had to endure while he was an outdoor cat, and has no desire to go through that again!

Give your furbaby time: he'll adjust, and give up when he realizes his whining isn't going to do him any good..

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fang was a rescue and spent his formative months in the dead of the winter freezing,outdoors, and has frostbit paws to prove it, but he was never insistent about going out after I adopted him. He would enjoy an open window and that was it. But since he's been out, boy o boy, I could stuff a sock in it. All the talking and shmoozing in the world won't shut him up. Just have to wait until he goes to sleep.
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