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Sass goes to the vet tomorrow

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So if anyone can send him some vibes, he'd appreciate them. He's not doing too well today. He's back to sounding like he's breathing through water. It seems like he has to sneeze but hasn't been able to so it's aggrevating his nose. His nose bled a little bit yesterday and some today. He developed a small sore on his nose pad today. He shakes but it comes and goes. He didn't eat/drink as much today as he normally has been. The right side of his mouth closes just fine but the left side sits about 1/4 of an inch open so his jaw, somehow, shifted.

So, since today has been a bad day for Sassy, he's going for a check-up tomorrow. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Thank you!
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for Sass and for you
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Some healing vibes for Sass
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Hope Sass feels better soon.
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Tons of For Sassy to be okay!
He will be in our thoughts & we hope he gets better!
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Tons of
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Thanks for the vibes. He's fine.The vet is amazed at how healed he is. He said that Sass' jaw has come back to where t needs to be and his fractures are knitting up just fine. He has partial paralysis on the left side of his face. That's why his mouth hangs open there. He has no feeling on the front of his nose but towards the top, he has a dent on his forehead. The more his nose runs, the more it irritates that dent, the more he wants to sneeze. Something like that. Part of his nose pad had died off and that's why it has a small sore and bleeds.

Those wonderful TCS vibes have worked so well for Sass!! He and I thank everyone!

Almost forgot, I asked when Sass might wash himself again and the vet said that would be the last thing to come back as his tongue has no feeling. When he's doing that, he can have a normal wet diet. In the meantime, I give him bathes and he enjoys them, the snot.
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I am happy to hear Sass is alright
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I'm glad to hear he's doing so well. Continued recovery
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