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I'm so angry!

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I'm so mad right now I feel like my bloods boiling A friend of mine (at least she used to be) has been going thru a hard time financially. She has 3 cats, on more than one occassion I have told her I would take in her cats until she got back on her feet. Today I was looking on as I do every week and lo and behold her three cats are now at the local shelter. I'm so furious I can't see straight. I'm going to run out there after work and see if they're still there. I'd like to adopt them, but I have 5 cats of my own and 3 dogs, although I could probably take them temporarly until I could find a better home. What do you guys think?
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Sounds like your friend didn't believe your offer or didn't want to impose. Maybe you can foster the cats for the shelter and help them find NEW homes.
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Is it a no-kill shelter?
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maybe your friend wanted to keep her very hard decision from you because she knew how you'd react.

if she's already having a hard time, the last thing she needs is for you to turn on her.
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Well that would make me very angry. Hard time or not, You offered your help and you should have been the first person for her to pick rather than a shelter! Lemme think, a cage, or a loving home! I would get the kitties ASAP!
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I've had past experience with this shelter, they are notorious for putting animals to sleep as they are constantly over crowded. I had told her 3 different times I would take them. I agree Glitch, in my eyes there is no excuse at all. Anyways I went out to the shelter last night, luckly 2 of the 3 had been adopted already. The 3rd was still there and she was really stressed. I talked to the lady that was working and explained the whole situation. I told her I would take the 3rd cat as I wouldn't allow her to stay in the shelter. She told me I could just take her, no charge. So I have Daphne at my house, she still very timid but that will take time. My friend, well I don't know. To me this act is unforgivable!
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I'm so glad all 3 kitties found homes. Give Daphne a snuggle for me! Are you planning to keep her?
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I don't think she believed you when you said you'd take them. Most people just don't know just how far we are willing to go to make sure the furry people in our lives are safe... if they believe in "just an animal" rhetoric, they figure everybody else does too, and if they don't they're a bit loopy.

Glad it turned out well, though. Hope Daphne calms down; she's probably freaked out, and I don't blame her.
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Who knows why she chose the shelter over you? Maybe she thought you already had your hands full and didn't quite believe you'd really take them. Maybe she was too embarrassed to turn to you. Maybe she needs your help as a friend right now rather than someone who is judging her. Maybe she was afraid you would react the way you have and she couldn't deal with it. Lots of maybes. It's hard to tell what goes on in another's mind.

I am happy that 2 of the 3 have been adopted and that you have rescued the third.
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I just wish she would have at least said something like "Hey I just can't take care of my cats anymore, what can I do". We actually have a no-kill shelter in the next town over. Lot's of questions on her actions. I have tried to be a good friend to her, I've offer assistance in many other areas besides her pets (she has 2 dogs also, she kept them). She's always complaining she has no friends but, others besides myself have tried to help her and she just keeps moaning and groaning how terrible her life is. I've even gone as far as to help her get counseling, she won't go. Daphne is much better today, she's so sweet I may have to keep her.
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I am glad that it worked out and you have the 3rd kitty now.
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Glad Daphne is doing better

I'd have to say Susan, I'd be pretty upset with my friend too, especially turning over the babies to a kill shelter you are obviously an animal lover, I don't know why she wouldn't have believed you when you said you'd take them in. I think it is definitely for the best that the kitties have found new homes
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Wow, I would be upset too and heartbroken for those cats I'm glad you have Daphne though

If I couldn't afford Trout, I would get another job. She is my baby.
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I'm so glad that you were able to get to Daphne in time It sounds like the former owner didn't have the necessary bonding with her cats anyway - hopefully, the other 2 cats are happy for the change - Daphne sure is
As for your former friend, you tried to help her on so many levels, and as Yosemite said, your hands are full - sometimes it is best to let go & leave your friend to God; after all, the bottom line is that you tried.
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A new development has come up in this saga. When I picked Daphne up at the shelter the other day she seemed very light to me. Yesterday I gave her a bath because she had been at the shelter and she is almost skin and bones. She also has been gagging when she eats, although she doesn't throw up. I guess a trip to the vets is on the agenda for Monday. Any body know of a high fat canned food I could start giving her to bulk her up?
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Just realized you said a trip to the vet's was on for Monday...and it's Tuesday. So with hold any glorious advice I had (none, sorry!) - to wait & hear how it goes ??? Update please!
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Took Daphne in this morning. The vet said she was very underweight. She also had a big sore on the base of her tounge that was causing her to gag when she ate any hard food. I had been giving her chicken baby food as that was the only thing she would eat. He said to continue that and also gave me some moist food to try and also antibiotics. She also had evidence of lots of fleas. Nice home life she hadHopefully I'll see improvement in the next couple of days.
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Ooohh... poor thing! Cuddle her for me, if she'll let you. Spoil her--she deserves it; it sounds like she's had a horrible time.
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