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I took a look at the GCCF standard for Siamese cats http://www.palantir.co.uk/rpsop.html

The ears are only worth 5 out of a possible 100 points. Since I didn't have my hands on the cat, I can't begin to say what his body and coat felt like, but I am sure that ear set alone was not what won him top awards. I do notice that he has really intense blue eye color, and can't imagine how that must look in person. I'm not sure I would have had a cat of his color photographed against a gold background, I think it takes away from his beatuy to the point that he looks, well, alien!

That being said, I prefer moderate cats as well. I selected Maus because, like the Abby, they're supposed to be moderate. I think whenever health is sacrified for type, there's got to be something wrong with the standard. Sadly politics and sheer greed play a large part in what makes a breed standard. Remember, judges were breeders at some point, and many of them helped to define the "type" we see in certain breeds today. So, they continue to give top awards to cats that have the look that they defined. Maybe it becomes an extended version of cattery blindness! Perhaps "line blindness"??

As for polydactylism being a DQ for Maine Coons, I believe that it is a potentially fatal gene, and thus cat registries discourage breeding for that trait.
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The cat show I attended about 3 months ago, in Baltimore, I was talking to a bunch of Abyssinian breeders and I overheard a few talking about how the breed was becoming a little more wedge shaped, but that she didn't like it and that if the judges pushed it further, she was simply going to stop showing with those judges.

I get the impression that the breeders and judges oscillate on the overall look over time, with more extreme variations becoming popular but then coming back to a more "normal" look. Most of what I've read seems to indicate that the extreme looks are becoming more common due to better cat medicine as well as a desire to show how different a particular breed is, compared to a regular ol' moggie.

I do think the extremes are silly, but they're currently well populated with persians and slinkies. If other breeds go towards those extremes, it's far more likely that those breeds will be forced to move back towards the middle, simply out of fear of losing points due to being a bad example of the extreme cats.
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