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Territorial Behavior and "Mine"

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I know that cats are very territorial creatures -- I've lived with them all of my life, and I've seen what happens when their environment changes or when a new pet joins the family. I also know that the degree of territorial behavior depends on whether or not the animal is altered and on individual personalities. For example, Reagan just *isn't*.

Baloo and Whisper both are. Baloo isn't neutered (yet -- after the baby comes and we can make the drive to the low-cost place that's forty-five minutes away). Whisper is *extremely* possessive of his "mine" (if you play Sims 2 Pets, that's basically where I'm getting the term from -- I don't have any other frame of reference, sorry!). He "owns" me and Reagan.

Everybody but the boys are getting along now, including Dozer. Whisper isn't really getting along with Molly, either, but it's more something to do with not knowing her than not *liking* her. She's not given anybody but Reagan and Dozer much of a chance.

I'm not asking how I can stop this, because they are *cats*. This is their nature, and I don't want to change who and what they are (I learned that the hard way with Dozer). What I'd like to know is whether or not there's anything that I can do to make them feel better about the situation. I've talked to both of them -- Whisper seems to understand the sentiment but not the words, and Baloo is very upset about what I have to say (I think he thinks that because I "belong" to Whisper, I don't love him, too).

I can't seem to convince the hubby on Feliway But then again, he doesn't see as much of this as I do because I swear they are arguing over *me*!
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I wish I had advice for you! My SO thinks Feliways are a waste of $$$ but I bought one anyway and said it was an air freshener (he hasn't recognized it out of its packaging).

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Well, I think getting everybody fixed will help the problem a lot. Even fixed cats will react to the other's hormones.

Be calm and give everybody time. Things can change, and will again, and it sounds like you have enough on your mind.

Have you tried Rescue Remedy? Most health food stores carry it, and you can put it in their water.
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I'll look into Rescue Remedy. There's a nearby Health Food store that is next door to another store I want to visit anyway.

All in all, things could be a *lot* worse. The only time I'm not "calm" is when Baloo wakes me up in the middle of the night "torpedoing." It's kind of a shock to have your feet attacked under the covers

They've been pretty good today all in all. Both were in the bedroom together without much of an issue, but Whisper's at the point of trying to chase everybody but Reagan off food. We've had to put Molly's food in her hiding place for her (temporarily) until he settles down a little bit. I think for him some of it is jealousy. That and I *know* I'm smelling different due to the fact that I'm in the process of a long and slow early labor. That's not going to be putting him at ease at all!
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Living with as many as I do, and all but 3 of them are clearly mommy's boys, we have worked out times during the day and night where they each get a chance with their mommy. Eightball always gets lap time during the evening while watching TV. Dakota and Sage snuggle on either side of me during that time. Oscar gets lap time when I'm on the computer. Spanky and Pinky are my night time snugglers.

They work it out over time, and you do what you can to not show favoritism, even though you will have your favorites.
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Baloo's not really interested in me for my sake though... He's much more interested in DH and greets him when he comes through the door and then won't leave his side for most of the evening. What I noticed last night and today was that it appeared that he wanted *me* because Whisper did. Or maybe he's just picking up on the fact that I'm the cat favorite in the house (except with Molly, who also prefers DH).

Reagan and Whisper can have their time together, but generally they work it out. If Reagan wants time, Whisper backs off. They love one another.
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Flip your legs up on the sofa and see how many can snuggle around your body. I think my record was about 2 large dogs and 6 cats.
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LOL! I can't imagine that! Neither Whisper nor Reagan are particularly lap cats -- they prefer to sit beside than *on*. Dozer still thinks he'll fit in my lap though. He used to sit there a lot as a puppy (my bad!).
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