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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
One Purrr-fect little girl!
Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
One dainty female
Originally Posted by LilysMom View Post
I just have Lily and she's all girl!

Yuppers!! Those are all Kitters! One very spoiled little girl!
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2 females here A grouchy teenager who sleeps all day and her younger baby sister who just wants to play (hey that rhymes! lol).
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I have 4 males and 2 females.
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Altogether...1 soft, sweet and gentle female (RIP), but now it's one fiesty, bitey but lovely little gurrl
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I have 6 boys and 3 girls. I love all cats, but prefer males (except for the spraying thing!). I think they're more affectionate, in my vast experience!

My males are big sweethearts (as I'm typing this, Willi is watching, from in front of the keyboard). Three of the males are Maine Coons; 2 are love-bugs; 1 is still semi-feral (their brother), and is FINALLY kind of warming up to me a bit. Hobbes just can't get enough love. He was an abused stray, and has been with us for nearly 3 years--he's an old, sweet guy, who will literally hold a guest hostage--by making them pet him for literally hours (3 was his record). Willi and Loki (brothers) are angels, too.
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3 boys, and they rule the house!

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2 boys and 3 girls, or should i say queens....
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I have two loving boys. Spud is 13 and he is the sweetest lovebug. Siam is 2 and he is a brat, a lover on his own terms and when he wants to be a lover, it's a great thing! I love my boys sooooo much!
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