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Male or Female?

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Or both?

I just wanted to know how many of each we have here!
Is your kitty a male or female? How many of each?

I have a house full of boys!
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I just have Popsie who is a spoiled boy.
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We have 8 indoor fuzzies...6 females & 2 males. We were going to adopt two more males so it would be more even but when Spooky got preggo, she had two girlys. So there is a lot of females in our house
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We have a male and female around the same age. They were cage mates at Petsmart and we wanted them to be together so they could be playmates.
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I have Raven who is a girl and I want to add one more, hopefully a boy.
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One Purrr-fect little girl!
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Inside I've got 4 girls, 3 boys.
Outside I've got 5 girls, 3 boys. I had an even 4 girls/4 boys until Sandy went to the RB earlier this year.
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4 females, 1 male... poor Chip!
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2 males, Harley & Bayley!
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I have both
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I have 2 girls and 1 boy!!
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Two girls.
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1 boy Ping 1 1/2yrs old and 1 girl Pong 5 months old.
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5 boys
2 girls
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I have 2 boys! My family likes our cats male and our dogs female.

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Out of my indoor cats I have 1 female and 4 males. Molly is the little princess of the house.
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My Lucky is a girl, My semiferral Baby is a girl, and I think, her little one Paws is a boy
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My baby is a boy.
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3 of each
Actually, it's an even split all around.
Me and J, 3 of each on the cats, a male dog and male bird, and a female fish and a female tarantula.
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6 males
8 females

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We have a male cat and a female kitten: Wesley and Sox.
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Inside 3 girls, 2 boys
Outside 2 girls, 2 boys
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I have three males and one female, oh and a male bunny, the guys definitely rule my house!
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Counting John's dad's cat we have 7 boys and 6 girls.
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I have two girl kitties.
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Our house is fairly even

Jasmine, Isabella, Velvet, Jezabel (foster kitten)

Kojak, Fosters (dog), Whiskey (dog), Blue Tattoo (betta)
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Three girls and one boy.
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1 male
1 female
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2 female cats and 2 female humans
1 male cat and 1 male human
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