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Jordan stoped eating cat food again

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Well, his tummy is bothering him again. He's back to eating just meat baby food. Of coarse his timming couldn't be worse because not only are we leaving for Michigan on Wednesday, but I called & his vet is out of the office all week. So I left a message for the vet who did his last ultra sound. His regular vet had given me the name of another medication I could try if the Pepcid AC stopped working. This is just killing me. I don't want to make him worse by going to Michigan, but it's a little late to cancel now. I'm going to take a lunch break in a little while & go to the store to get enough baby food to keep him going for the next week. I'm hoping that if they want to see him they will have a spot tomorrow night after work, but really I'd rather just get the medication and try it. I know at some point I'm going to have to make some sort of decision, but it always seems that this stuff happens at the worst possible times.
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Hope Jordans tummy feels better Poor kitty
And of course it has to happen now just before you are going out of town...
Good Luck with Jordan! Have a safe trip coming to MI
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Well he ate dinner last night like a champ. Licked his plate clean. Then this morning I had to trick him into eating some wet food by mixing it with his baby food. It worked preety well so I guess I'll try mixing 1/2 a can in with the baby food next time and that way at least he's getting some cat food. Also for the time being I bought one of those paste nutritional supplements. Sharky gave me the name of some good supplements that I will look into next week, but for now at least I know he's getting some of what he needs.
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That is good news that Jordan is eating! At least hes getting something into his cute little tummy
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I am so happy your Jordan is eating again. My kitten Jameson isnt eating this morning and I cant get home to get him to the vet unitl 5 today. I dont know whats causing it because hes been through a lot the last couple of weeks. I moved and he got declawed, and neutered and than I had to put front line on him last night becasue of fleas. I hope thats why hes not eating. Good to hear that things are looking up for you
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