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cat playing in his waterbowl

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how do i prevent my cat from playing in his water bowl and making a mess on the floor? he will either drag it across the floor spilling the water, or splash the water out of the bowl with his paws.
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You can use a heavier bowl to stop the dragging.
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Ya, what kitytize said! A heavy bowl or non-skid pads underneath it will stop the dragging. Unfortunatly I don't think there's anything to do about the playing that won't completly deter the cat from the water as a whole. Wickett plays in his water too. In fact, that's how he drinks it... he'll dunk his paw in and lick the water off... then shake! my walls have lots of water spots. It's especially fun when he does it right after a good dig in the litter box... then theres litter in the water and it usually clumps to his toe tufts.
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Water fountains can help. It keeps the water cleaner and since it's moving constantly, the cats don't feel the need to push the bowl around as much. I do have a couple of dippers. It's just their thing.
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Buy a CatIt water fountain.
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I think the water fountains a good Idea. I also keep my bathroom sink filled up and let the water go at a slow trickle that way it keeps refilling and cleaining out and then I just clean it like once a day. It works pretty good but I think the fountains a cool idea. Not only that but think of what fun you could have picking one out with just the right decor on it!
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