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dental care

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I have seen drops that you can add to your cat's water to help promote good teeth.
Does anyone use this?
What do you think?
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I haven't tried that one but I tried a different one (can't think of the name right now). My kitties wouldn't drink the water after I added it. Also, if you use a water fountain with a filter, the filter may trap the dental additive.
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I use Oxyfresh but I also brush teeth with the gel. It does help imo but I think brushing the teeth has better results than water additive only.
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I don't have that one, but I do have a water additive....I use it sporadically at best. One of those, when I happen to think about it and actually follow through...there's usually some kind of distraction going on And now that I have bought the water fountain, I agree that it is more than likely filtered out....but I have it, so I add it now and again anyway.
I also "brush" her teeth and count on that more than the water additive. She really likes the toothpaste so that's a pretty easy route to go and I was told....that getting the paste on the teeth was more important than the actual brushing motion, that the enzymes in the toothpaste would do the work....so that "works" for me
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I would avoid it since it contains something linked to diabetes in cats
YES The ENZYMES do the work so a brush is not nessessary
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