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Diet change // smelly litterbox

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After reading some of the wet/dry food debates, I've decided to work more wet cat food into Mama's diet. She gets unlimited kibble (Innova Adult), and several small portions of wet cat food every day.
I've been trying to find a wet food that she likes. So far, we've gone through California Natural and Wellness. She likes it all well enough, so which is better ingredients-wise?
A growing problem has been her pickiness. Now that she knows I have wet food for her, she won't eat her kibble. She nibbles at it, but eats less than twenty every day. (Yes, I count kibble. ) She's also taken to waking me up and 'whining' at me for food. Go figure!

Her litterbox has been getting progressively smellier. Is there any evidence to suggest that wet food = smelly litterbox? Or would that be caused by the change to her diet, regardless of wet/dry?
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Cal Natural and Wellness both contain premium ingredients. The difference will be if you purchase the grain free Wellness cans.

I wish mine would leave the dry kibble. If I do that, they pick out the kibble and leave the wet. Punks! So I give them dry every other day or so for only 1 of their 2 daily meals that way they never know when they're getting dry so they eat up their wet.

I'm sure Sharky will have a better answer to this...but I'm thinking the stinky poos could be from the change of diet and the fact that these foods are very rich. As they keep eating it, the poo smell should balance out.
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I also think the smell may get better once their systems get used to the wet food.

Wet food is so much better for them, I wouldn't worry too much about them not eating kibble.
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Is it stinkier after one can or all cans??? are you giving just one type of can per day or multiple??

OHH and some cats are just smelly on wet food
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Yes, the groomer that I buy all my pet food from only carries high-quality foods. :] And it's an independant business, so I try to support them as much as I can.
I think that they also sell canned Merrick, Innova, and Innova EVO. I'll double-check. Is any one better than the other?

It's great to know that wet food is better! I still wasn't sure on how much of each Mama should get. I'll give her more wet food, and stop trying to substitute kibble.

I've been feeding her a new kind each day; she typically goes through one can in twenty four hours, over the span of six or seven 'meals'. I know that subtle diet changes are good -- especially to keep them interested in their food -- so I've been switching flavours as often as I can.
I'm not gonna lie... the "deep water fish" and countless salmon foods were pretty horrid, but I think that's self-explanitory. It's less smelly after other flavors, like beef and chicken, but still awful to wake up to.
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Fish should NOT be bad on the exit... you may have fish intolerant babies... I would stick to the simplier beef and chicken( wellness and cal natural are great)... Some merricks would be good to try ( it would say if any grains were issues as most use potato and sweet potato)
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