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Question of the Day - November 19th

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gotta get this up early, gonna be running around at the office today

Does your city/town do any special holiday festivities?

My city had a thing this past weekend called the Candlelight Walk. We have a town square, complete with a gazebo and they put candles all around and the shops decorate for Christmas. There is also a parade and pics with Santa.

I went with my parents and walked around in the freezing rain but I did get some items for my secret santa!!!
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Theres a large department store down from where i work called Fenwicks. It's been there for years and it's well known for doing an animated theme for it's windows which are quite long.

This is one from 2004

And this is a small clip of this years
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Yes, here in Toronto we have the annual Santa Claus parade. It was just yesterday actually. It's a pretty big deal and they close a lot of major downtown roads for the parade route. There's also some sort of big Christmas tree lighting festival at Nathan Philips Square.
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No mine does not. I live in a really really small town. Most people here probably go to near by cities for celebrations.
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I think they have a parade... my town has a parade for EVERYTHING. But other than that there is nothing to my knowledge. Then again, I've only lived here for 2 years so there might be something I don't know about!
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I live in very small town, but we have the Santa parade, and festival of lights. all the stores are open late, with really good sales, it's alot of fun if it'snot too cold
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There is a parade that consist of about 30 weirdos walking down Main St. Its good for a laugh though. The fun of living in small town USA. LOL
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I'm not sure, this is my first year in this town. It's a fairly small town 3,000 people. But they really love their holidays. They go all out for the 4th of July every year (I was here for two of them). We moved to this town on July 1st and July 4th was their celebration for their 150th year as a town. It was SOOOO much fun. The whole town had rides everywhere, prizes, dances, everything!
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My small community has a small Christmas parade-lots of farm tractors decked out in lots of lights. The city of Appleton has a very large parade that is televised in NE Wisconsin. People set out chairs and blankets the night before already to get a good viewing spot.
In Green Bay the botanical garden has the festival of lights which is quite spectacular. They use 700 volunteers throughout the time of the festival.
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Our smaller town is big on holiday festivities Downtown is lit up with beautiful white lights. They close down one of the streets, there are christmas carolers & the shops are open late.
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You bet! We're having a Christmas parade soon for the city of Bartlett,TN ! We're going to have a special part of the parade devoted to the shelter animals from the shelter i work for!We're going to dress some of the dogs up for it

The firemen decorate the fire trucks and ride them down the road, the motorcycle police officers (what my fiance does) also ride in the parade- but this year i don't think they'll be able to
as they stripped down their old harleys and are selling them to get money for some new ones (so they are a motorcycle-less motorcycle unit at the moment). They also have some really adorable floats, and every year they have an honoary person of honor- last year it was a really sweet woman who owned a local steakhouse that was retiring. We had fun last year!!! I took my niece Taylor with me and we had a great time watching all the festivities!

Our city also holds a special dinner for all of the police dpt and their families. Every year they give us a Christmas ham to take home with us! (and every year i've screwed up cooking it i'm the worst ham cook EVER!)
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I really don't know...I must be a bad Londoner
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We have "Caroling On the Green." I've never been but it sounds fun. It's in the heart of the historic district with brick roads and all these buildings that date back to the 1700's and things. They also have a New Years Celebration there with a ball drop. You buy tickets for that one and they give you a pin you wear that gets you into a lot of local businesses with bands and things. Oh and usually Santa comes through the neighborhood on a fire truck!
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Originally Posted by megagene View Post
Yes, here in Toronto we have the annual Santa Claus parade. It was just yesterday actually. It's a pretty big deal and they close a lot of major downtown roads for the parade route. There's also some sort of big Christmas tree lighting festival at Nathan Philips Square.
I miss going to the Santa Claus parade. I lived in Mississauga until I was 10 and I used to go every year. Now I just watch it on tv.

My town as far as I know just has a parade. This is my third Christmas here but I don't really pay attention to what is going on.
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We have a big Santa Parade, that's the main thing, heaps of clubs and businesses hire floats and dress up. I did it once with my gymnastics club which was tricky on a moving platform ^^ The malls all have Santa's Grottos.
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Looks like just an annual tree lighting here.
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Evansville has the Fantasy Of Lights, a lighting display in a park. Your admission benefits the local Easter Seals. You can drive or hire a carriage.

The displays are all assembled by local electricians who donate their time. They did double duty one year when displays were vandalized just before opening day.
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