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Daily Thread Monday Nov 19

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Booooooooo Monday!

Well good morning my lovelies! I had a dream last night that I joined an aerobics class..and it was quite comical. I never do classes..I just do my own thing at the gym. Perhaps its time I tried that

I went shopping in the US yesterday..got Christmas gifts for my sister, mom and 3 people I shall not name here

I also got a new winter coat, some boots, new gym shoes and gym gear..a cd...umm, I guess its quite a long list for myself I LOVE the mall we went to. Everytime I go, I hit jackpot.

The only thing I paid full price for was my workout pants..I really needed some though so I don't feel bad. I got a brand new pair of New Balance gym shoes for $48 including tax!! (They are currently MIA, but I am hoping another girl took the bag from the van by mistake...)

Anyway, how did your weekend go? (and sorry for the novel)
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Morning! It's a cold, rainy day here

I did some retail therapy myself, although most of it was for the house because i bought a new garland for the starcase and a new picture.

I had a dream myself last night, and it was an ex that came back into my life I still have feelings for him but i would never take him back, i'm quite happy with Gil now
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Good morning!

My muscles are so sore today. I spent most of the weekend working on my apartment. It looks much better now and I just need to get rid of a few things and buy a few things. That will probably wait till next weekend.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a cute tea shop I discovered last week.

And today I'm back to work
At least I should be alone in the office most of the day - the accountant is off to a wedding and my boss has golf lessons this afternoon.
Oh, and my boss will be gone the rest of the week... so there'll be no one behind me all week, so I can spend the whole week on TCS if I want to.

After work today I'm meeting a friend for coffee.

So have a great day everyone!!
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Morning all! :wave:

We hung all the pictures and got most of the nicnacs FINALLY in a place. Then I worked on my room/guest room by trading somethings from the attic for space up there. We moved the litter box into the closet (I wasn't too happy as that's one of two closets that we're taking up )

Today begins the 3 day work week. It's good as I like getting the Friday after Thanksgiving off, but bad as I'll only get paid for 3 days this week (no vacation time yet and I'm still in my initial 30 days so I don't get Thanksgiving paid for )
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Hello All!

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving! We went out & bought a turkey over the weekend.

Hung up kitty toys this weekend, the kittens were having a blast with them

Enjoy the rest of your week!
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Good day all,

So far I have been very unproductive at work and I have been here close to 2 hours. I have a nasty headache and don't feel like working.

Hope everyone has a good day!!

Oh and thank you to Eithne for my lovely new siggy!
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Its a good day, even though its Monday! I only have a 3 day work week this week, so I'm thrilled
Heading home to be with my family for a long 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving

Going up to the Mall of America on Friday with my aunt & cousin's girlfriend. It's going to be a blast, we'll be leaving at 8AM to get up there, its a 2 hour drive but so worth it!

Have a good Monday, everyone!
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My weekend was ok, not the best considering I had it off. My SO and I are in a fight right now because he wants another gun and I see no purpose for it other than to show off his "manliness" Plus he owes is mother A LOT of money and a gun he wants cost $400-500....... He's mad at me for telling him what to do, even though all I said was "there are better things you could do with that money". And I'm mad at him for having no money sense. I hate being married sometimes...... we've been dating very near 2 years now and living together, it sure feels like we are married though!
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Well on Saturday we hauled into the basement about 2/3's of the winters firewood usage-we will finish this weekend. I sorted out all my Christmas greenery for my clients and got my 20 bundles of green for sale bundled up too.

Sunday Neil had gotten a ticket (box seat) to the game so he went there and I went to the mall. Picked up a dress originally $240 for $48!!, a shirt and another knit top.
Then he went to airport to pick up mom and dad.

So this morning we argued about me using car today to run errands (grocery store/bakery/cheese shop) with mom instead of the truck. I got the car!!! He acted like it was a bad thing.

Anyhow I have a turkey brining and I found my butterfly directions and will get that cooking about 3:30 for dinner tonite.

Might run another errand this afternoon though......
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