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Bizzar question

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So tonight I came home from work. Since I dont drive I had a friend bring me home and DH met me in the parking lot. When I got out of the car he handed me a cat coller and said "I just found this laying in the lot, what should we do"? It has a tag with a cats name and phone number. Should I call the owners and say I found your coller but not the cat. If I do that should I ask for a description of the cat so I can be on the look out? Would it be best to not call them? I only have the coller so it may make them more upset knowing that now their cat is out and has no tags. Uggg, what should I do? I know if i were me I would at least like to know the last place my cat was even if it was just the coller. I would also love to be able to tell the people what she looked like so they could keep theirs syes out for it. I need some advice on what to do.
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I would definitely call the phone number listed on the tag. If the cat is indeed missing, then the other person can place an ad nothing that the collar and tag are removed. I hope this cat is safe at home and just happened to lose its collar. Keep us updated.
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