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Twitchy Cat

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I posted before about my two male cats who had their vaccinations and had episodes of spasms and rapid shallow breathing and tearing around the room and cowering in corners.

Well one is purrrfectly fine now but Sparky is not. He is still twitchy and not himself...he is sitting in one spot and occasionally with a big twitch he will tear across the room and plant himself in another corner...

he is usually a purr machine....not purring anymore but he is eating and drinking as normal

i called my vet today who said to give him calpol and oral rehydration therapy water ....its been days since they had their vaccinations why is he still like this??? he had the shots last wednesday ....

tigger is absolutely fine...he was spasmy and weird for one nite and nxt day back to normal but sparky seems to be suffering mild symptoms of the same crazy reaction he had the day of the shots...just isnt having the rapid shallow breathing and panting

has anyone experienced this with any of their cats??

prob is this vet is the only vet here so i cannot even get a 2nd opinion from someone else and i just dont know wat to do

i want my Sparky to be better and like he used to, he just isnt a happy camper at the moment and its making very upset coz he was a lovely tempered and loving cat....he actually hissed at me last nite when i tried 2 move him and he has NEVER hissed...EVER in the 17mnths of his life

someone please help me
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can anyone help?

i am SO worried
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I'm afraid I don't have any experience with your situation. If this were an ongoing problem, I would suggest looking into feline hyperesthesia, but since it appeared only after the vaccine, it sounds like a vaccine reaction of some sort. You might find out what company made the vaccine and contact that company directly (or ask your vet to report the adverse reaction and see if the company has had similar complaints).
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I think are cat had the same thing happen after she was spade but not sure if she got her shots too at the same time. She would twitch and then lick herself on her back. After doing that she would fly off running. She would do this when sitting on my chest in bed and fly of like something bit her. It was strange and she did it for 17 years. I figured it was something the Vet did that caused this behavior. I hope you can find out whats causing it.
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ive been reading up on feline hyperesthesia syndrome and in some ways sounds like sparky but he isnt chasing or biting his tail, he isnt aggressive

anyway he is much better ...this morn found him sleeping on my bed by my feet then he came slept wid his head on my pillow, he is walking around more

i am hoping its just the vaccinations and the effect is wearing off now

i am calling a vet but just cant seem 2 get to speak 2 her, lets see what she says but right now i just dont wana stress him out or take him 2 a vet etc coz apprently stress makes this condition worse
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Jamie was a "twitchy cat" until we, by trial and error and some very expensive allergy tests, found out that he was allergic to soy and beet pulp. Look for grain allergies!
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